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Explore contemporary sculpture for sale from established and emerging artists around the world in Rise Art’s online gallery. We showcase a range of styles, from realistic to conceptual, and sell subjects including animals, human figures and landscapes.

Russian artist Alexander Grigorev exemplifies the evolution of modern sculpture through his intricate, wooden molecule series, which touches on his first hand experience of European society meeting Russian and Asian traditions. Another contemporary artist with work sold through Rise Art is British sculptor Nicola Beattie, who creates work in a range of themes using the traditional materials of stone and bronze. We also sell sculptures from a number of other contemporary female sculptors whose work continues to push the boundaries of this ancient art form.

Learn more in our guide to sculpture.

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    What if Icarus?

    Sculpture - 40x48 cmRent for $ 895/mo

    Gold in Silver Spiral

    Sculpture - 55x50 cmRent for $ 410/mo

    I ❤️ U continuum

    Sculpture - 12x44 cmRent for $ 70/mo

    Chair Riders

    Sculpture - 18x30 cmRent for $ 70/mo

    Aquatic Assembly #3

    Sculpture - 94x60 cmRent for $ 615/mo


    Sculpture - 45x45 cmRent for $ 350/mo


    Sculpture - 1000x1000 cm

    Jackal pattern

    Sculpture - 37x36 cmRent for $ 100/mo

    'Internal Dialogue'

    Sculpture - 63x24 cmRent for $ 170/mo

    Anatomical study of the horse

    Sculpture - 36x43 cmRent for $ 355/mo

    ‘Get a Grip’

    Sculpture - 50x50 cmRent for $ 165/mo

    On and On

    Sculpture - 140x52 cmRent for $ 225/mo

    Eternity Lines #7

    Sculpture - 268x49 cmRent for $ 2,855/mo

    I Was Wandering Naked, But Invented Braces

    Sculpture - 73x60 cmRent for $ 200/mo

    Striped Young Lenin

    Sculpture - 14x11 cmRent for $ 62/mo

    Running O

    Sculpture - 9x11 cmRent for $ 27/mo

    The sin inside (gold isn't gold)

    Sculpture - 246x123 cmRent for $ 305/mo


    Sculpture - 58x15 cm


    Sculpture - 18x13 cm


    Sculpture - 60x60 cmRent for $ 170/mo


    Sculpture - 190x112 cmRent for $ 1,160/mo

    Screaming Brexit

    Sculpture - 48x19 cmRent for $ 685/mo

    Bizarre Creature Riders

    Sculpture - 19x40 cmRent for $ 65/mo


    Sculpture - 41x31 cm


    Sculpture - 79x157 cmRent for $ 455/mo

    Soft Lenin

    Sculpture - 86x66 cmRent for $ 130/mo

    Sharen is Karen

    Sculpture - 165x137 cmRent for $ 415/mo

    Circular Train

    Sculpture - 32x43 cm

    The sin inside 7

    Sculpture - 94x94 cmRent for $ 265/mo