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Explore contemporary sculpture for sale from established and emerging artists around the world in Rise Art’s online gallery. We showcase a range of styles, from realistic to conceptual, and sell subjects including animals, human figures and landscapes.

Russian artist Alexander Grigorev exemplifies the evolution of modern sculpture through his intricate, wooden molecule series, which touches on his first hand experience of European society meeting Russian and Asian traditions. Another contemporary artist with work sold through Rise Art is British sculptor Nicola Beattie, who creates work in a range of themes using the traditional materials of stone and bronze. We also sell sculptures from a number of other contemporary female sculptors whose work continues to push the boundaries of this ancient art form.

We also have works by the vibrant American artist KAWS ! KAWS creates stylised sculptures that will remind you of your favourite cartoons and will definitely bring a playful atmosphere to any space that they are placed in. Works such as KAWS SHARE Grey (KAWS Companion) or Cat Teeth Bank (Green) perfectly exemplify KAWS’ funny bone and stand out from other sculptures.

Minimalist and Abstract Expressionist artist Frank Stella used many colours and techniques to create geometric sculptures that made him famous all over the world ! Frank Stella liked to explore and experiment with the contrast between hues and shapes, therefore creating very unique sculptures !

Learn more in our guide to sculpture.

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    Balthus by Marie SAKSIK


    Sculpture - 23x17 cm
    Ripple II by Lisa Kellner

    Ripple II

    Sculpture - 135x127 cm
    Fish Egg Maquette by Philip Vaughan

    Fish Egg Maquette

    Sculpture - 30x15 cm
    Petite elfe à la source by Elisabeth Cibot

    Petite elfe à la source

    Sculpture - 40x20 cm
    Warm Regards by KAWS

    Warm Regards

    Sculpture - 17x9 cm
    Montagne Yogi 89-22 by Philippe Buil

    Montagne Yogi 89-22

    Sculpture - 29x17 cm
    Pavarti Virvoltant by Philippe Buil

    Pavarti Virvoltant

    Sculpture - 32x24 cm
    Love Continuum in 4 colours by Yoni Alter

    Love Continuum in 4 colours

    Sculpture - 12x45 cm
    GoGo by Philip Vaughan


    Sculpture - 30x30 cm

    Montagne Yogi 65-22

    Sculpture - 27x18 cm

    Do What You Love

    Sculpture - 69x56 cm


    Sculpture - 45x45 cm

    Corps de Vénus

    Sculpture - 24x11 cm

    Sguardo ad Oriente

    Sculpture - 80x24 cm

    Danseuse africaine

    Sculpture - 17x8 cm

    Le musicien en équilibre

    Sculpture - 47x10 cm


    Sculpture - 31x26 cm


    Sculpture - 57x42 cm

    Peace and love (1)

    Sculpture - 28x21 cm

    Buste géorgien

    Sculpture - 33x25 cm


    Sculpture - 230x250 cm

    La petite baigneuse

    Sculpture - 21x19 cm


    Sculpture - 150x75 cm


    Sculpture - 48x28 cm

    L'Arbre de la Cité

    Sculpture - 180x60 cm

    L'arbre aux fées

    Sculpture - 25x20 cm

    Mon prince

    Sculpture - 15x12 cm

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