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      Gregory Malphurs


      You could say Gregory was born into art. His Grandfather was a full-time painter and Gregory spent countless hours with him at his painting studio and was provided with literally any material available in the studio to create not to mention access to his Grandfather’s extensive library of art books & magazines. So it’s no accident that Gregory was creating from the time he could grip a pencil.

      Throughout his career of over 20 years Gregory has always maintained his passion for making art. And he’s made a lot of it. His striking images combine highly saturated, unique color combinations with energetic brush work. Gregory’s work offers the viewer a look inside his subjects psyche rather than a literal depiction of the physical. His work pushes the boundaries of traditional portrait painting by employing concepts of collage with multiple mediums to create richly complex inside-out portraits.

      Gregory’s work is collected and has been exhibited all over the world including recent shows in Milan, NYC and Los Angeles. His work has recently been featured in World of Interiors.

      He works and lives in Los Angeles.

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