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Tabitha Soren

Tabitha Soren is a former MTV Journalist turned Fine Art Photographer.
Tabitha has collaborated with major publications such as The New York Times Magazine.
Tabitha is interested in the imperfections that mar the human condition, and the struggles we may or may not overcome in life.

Former MTV journalist Tabitha Soren has spent the last 25 years building a body of psychological works. Tabitha, ever intrigued by fate's ability to unhinge us, photographs how we respond to change and upheaval and sees art as a means to explore our interior life. Another pervasive theme is the loss of human connection, displaced by technology and virtual communication.

What Inspires Tabitha Soren?

The messiness and unpredictability of life are central to Tabitha's portraits, a matter she documents with equal sensitivity, scrutiny and awe. Tabitha is famously concerned with what human beings can overcome, a fact that convinced The New York Times Magazine to commission her to shoot the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Many of her works also explore and reiterate the many struggles we experience within our heads. The figurative series Surface Tension, for example, endeavours to expose the impact of technological dominion on the human spirit. Focusing on touch and texture, particularly the fingerprints we leave behind, the photographer intervenes with the cold and disembodied relationships we conduct with our digital devices.

Exhibitions & Projects

You can find Tabitha's photographs in many private and public collections, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Getty Museum, Harvard Art Museums, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the George Eastman Museum of Photography, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, among others. Her first monograph, Fantasy Life, was published by Aperture Books in 2017. Tabitha's book, Surface Tension, was released with RVB Books, Paris.

Selected Works

She Went Anyway

Photography - 56x56 cm

Can't Look

Photography - 71x53 cm

The Pernicious Hour

Photography - 56x56 cm

The Deluge

Photography - 71x53 cm

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