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Discover mixed media photography for sale online at Rise Art, where we showcase a specially curated range of works from established and emerging contemporary artists around the world. Mixed media photography is all about breaking the boundaries between different art forms and exploring how different mediums can interact with each other. If you want to explore different types of mixed media photography further, then a good place to start is by browsing our pop art mixed media photography and surrealist mixed media photography.


In mixed media photography, everything becomes a potential medium. While some artists, combine traditional art forms, such as painting and printing, other artists use incorporate found and natural objects into their photographic art works. Mixed media photographers may also use different photographic image making and printing techniques such as pinhole photography and cyanotype printing.

Peter Horvath

Peter Horvath is a Canadian artist whose works we are proud to include in our collection. Peter works in a variety of new media art forms such as film and photography to create his striking mixed media collages.

Marianne Nix

Another mixed media artist we’re proud to showcase here at Rise Art is Marianne Nix. Marianne combines photography, digital tools, traditional printmaking, oil paint glazes and impasto in works that reflect her natural inspiration.

Find out more in our Guide to Photography.

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    Untitled #16 by Milo Burridge

    Untitled #16

    Photography - 61x91 cm
    L'océan l'hiver by Rodolphe Martinez

    L'océan l'hiver

    Photography - 143x248 cm
    Vue d'Ajaccio by Rodolphe Martinez

    Vue d'Ajaccio

    Photography - 100x150 cm
    Memoirs of a vase by Viet Ha Tran

    Memoirs of a vase

    Photography - 74x60 cm
    les deux pins by Rodolphe Martinez

    les deux pins

    Photography - 150x90 cm
    Itssoquiet...sh'sh'-13 by Emilie Moysson


    Photography - 90x60 cm
    Itssoquiet...sh'sh'-02bis by Emilie Moysson


    Photography - 90x60 cm
    Metamorphosis  by Piper Olivas


    Photography - 142x112 cm
    Regarde la mer by Rodolphe Martinez

    Regarde la mer

    Photography - 122x82 cm
    Les pins maritimes sur le lac by Rodolphe Martinez

    Les pins maritimes sur le lac

    Photography - 100x150 cm

    Nenus 1

    Photography - 105x140 cm


    Photography - 100x150 cm

    Fin août

    Photography - 150x100 cm


    Photography - 122x82 cm

    Fleur Nenus

    Photography - 140x105 cm

    Pink Breath 1

    Photography - 95x72 cm

    In the Soul of Film

    Photography - 48x68 cm

    Pin au bord du lac de Côme

    Photography - 150x100 cm


    Photography - 80x110 cm

    Le cœur pur 0383

    Photography - 105x70 cm

    Les murmures du soir

    Photography - 140x105 cm

    Chusan palm blues XI

    Photography - 76x56 cmRent for $70 /mo

    Les agaves

    Photography - 27x27 cm

    No New This Year

    Photography - 110x60 cmRent for $120 /mo

    Itssoquiet...sh'sh'- 03bis

    Photography - 90x60 cm

    Belle encre noire 4651

    Photography - 105x70 cm


    Photography - 136x81 cm

    Untitled #13

    Photography - 61x91 cmRent for $105 /mo

    La femme tapisserie

    Photography - 150x100 cm

    Les oiseaux rouges

    Photography - 153x103 cm

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