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      Michael Wallner

      Michael Wallner makes prints that celebrate the beauty of the cityscape through the shapes, outlines and colours that define its character.
      The artist has exhibited internationally with The Affordable Art Fair (London, Singapore, New York, Milan).
      Michael's prints would appeal to any city lover.

      Michael is a British artist whose work celebrates the beauty of the city through the shapes, and colours that define its character. London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Miami, and Dubai all feature in his portfolio.

      He spent more than 20 years in the TV industry working on entertainment programs, talk shows, documentaries, animations and a children’s novel. But creating original and innovative art was always his true passion. He now works out Wimbledon Art Studios, a wonderful creative community in South London.

      Michael creates his art by digitally manipulating and painstakingly colouring his own photographs to produce pieces on usual materials. He is constantly on the lookout for the most unusual views. Much of his art is created from photographs taken while hanging out of helicopters.

      He works with brushed aluminium, reclaimed wood, brass, vintage windows, as well as neon, magnetic, and L.E.D lights. His newest piece features a real river Thames flowing across the work, complete with a whale and shopping trolley occasionally floating by.

      Recent exhibitions include The Affordable Art Fair (London, Singapore, New York, Milan), The Other Art Fair (London, New York, Los Angeles), Art For Youth at the Mall Galleries, Discerning Eye, and 'A River Runs Through It, an annual self-funded group show at gallery@oxo.

      Michael was a founder member of The V-Art Show, one of the first exhibtions live on Zoom during lockdown.

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