Nude Photography For Sale

We’ve brought together some of the most exciting examples of nude photography for sale today. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to expand upon your existing collection, we can help you to buy nude photographs that suit your personal tastes. Discover interesting new artists and browse our collection of nude photographs available for purchase now. If you're not sure where to start, explore our popular nude paintings, nude sculpture or nude drawings.…

Nude photography can redefine your spaces, whether as a focal point for the living room or an accent for a hallway. We’ve gathered some of the artists working at the forefront of the field to bring you exciting and innovative pieces for your collection.

Norwegian photographer Erik Brede draws inspiration from the natural world and surrealism to create dynamic images of the human form. His photographs see a blurring of lines, so that it becomes difficult to discern the nude from her environment. Tree of Life is one of the best examples of Brede’s capabilities of a nude photographer. This image depicts a tree whose roots extend through a woman’s body, binding her to nature and ideas of fertility and growth.

For an insight into a distinct way of viewing the world, take a look at the work of Riccardo Cavallari. Cavallari was born with a rare vision disorder that means that the vision from both of his eyes do not converge into one single image. His work is a recreation of this, with ghostly silhouettes of nudes overlaid on top of each other. The resulting effect is at once haunting and captivating, producing photographs that are difficult to tear your eyes away from.

Birmingham-born artist Paris Ackrill has a unique gift for capturing the relationship between people and the natural world. Her nude photographs show women in beautiful natural surroundings, with an almost mythical quality that nods to the early days of nude photography. These photos distinguish themselves from those emulations of classical antiquity however, as they portray woman and her environment as one and the same, rather than simply showcasing the female form against an attractive backdrop. Her photograph Connected shows a female nude bathed in light amongst a rugged landscape, such that she could almost be roots extending from the base of a tree.

A history of nude photography

Depicting the nude form is nothing new in art, with even the earliest examples of sculpture and cave painting dealing with this perennial subject. From the earliest days of photography, artists have used the medium to grapple with questions of identity, sexuality and beauty through their images of nudity.

Back in the 19th Century, nude photography tended to allude to images of classical antiquity. Photographs mainly focused on female subjects and evoked ideas of the divine feminine and fertility, with models often mimicking poses from Renaissance paintings. Where male models were captured, these men were shown in athletic or warrior-like poses. In general, nude photography was received with more controversy than nude painting in this period, and photographs were often seen as reference tools for painting rather than celebrated as artworks in their own right.

It wasn’t until the 20th Century that artists began to experiment with new ways of capturing the nude form. The increased availability of cameras led to a flourishing of new ideas and exciting changes in the field. Alfred Stieglitz is perhaps one of the most important pioneers for early nude photography, and he spent almost the entirety of his career trying to legitimise photography as an art form. He photographed his wife, Georgia O’Keeffe, in a variety of mundane poses in an attempt to portray her as she really was, without artifice or sentimentalism.

One of the most influential photographers of the 20th Century was Robert Mapplethorpe, a controversial figure whose photographs of male nudes created waves within the artistic community and beyond. His black and white images are striking and often shocking, with explicit references to BDSM and the gay community in New York. Mapplethorpe’s work is an excellent example of the subversive power of the nude form, and demonstrates the sometimes fragile distinction between erotica and art.

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