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Jean-Pierre Picheny


Jean-Pierre Picheny is a sculptor passionate about the beauty of women. His sculptures reflect sensuality and sublimate female bodies. In real body technician The passion for sculpture arrived late at Jean-Pierre Picheny. He nurtured this interest at the same time that he pursued his career as an associate professor of electrical engineering. Subsequently, he devoted himself for ten years to perfect the mastery of various techniques: earth modeling, lost hollow molding, elastomer molding, wax work, bronze, chiselage, patinas, molding on body, Resin and concrete work. Immortalize and enhance femininity The inspiration of Jean-Pierre Picheny is shared between the meeting with women models and the quest for a taboo-free sensuality. The human as well as plastic dimension is at the center of the creation process. Figurative bronze, resin sculptures, but also photos, imprints on realistic body, abstract works after molding and lamps: no restrictions on research work.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 25x13 cm

Torse Mev en creux

Sculpture - 65x38 cm

Vase humain

Sculpture - 25x40 cm


Photography - 30x45 cm


Sculpture - 25x15 cm


Sculpture - 50x30 cm

Lectrice n°3

Sculpture - 25x59 cm


Sculpture - 35x28 cm


Sculpture - 39x50 cm


Sculpture - 39x50 cm

Lampe décolleté carré

Sculpture - 21x34 cm


Sculpture - 50x80 cm

Torse Mev

Sculpture - 68x45 cm

Ovoïde G

Sculpture - 74x56 cm

L'acrobate n°3

Sculpture - 42x35 cm

Alix (résine transparente)

Sculpture - 25x15 cm

Lectrice n°1

Sculpture - 35x28 cm

Spirale lou

Sculpture - 70x35 cm

Ovoïde n°3

Sculpture - 70x40 cm

L'acrobate n°2

Sculpture - 18x42 cm

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