Bronze Sculpture For Sale

Discover bronze sculpture for sale and expand your art collection with work from some of the world’s most exciting established and emerging sculptors. To refine your search, why not start with figurative or surrealist bronze sculptures, which offer different takes on this ancient art form.

Teresa Wells is one sculptor whose work evokes ancient styles, but redefined for the modern day. Her artworks expose nude figures in poses that appear at once proud and vulnerable, and feature a stunning range of bronze colourings. Holly Bennett works in a different style, creating bronze sculptures that depict animal and human forms that are alive with motion, while Michael James Talbot delicately synchronises form, tension and balance in sculptures that evoke a beautiful array of emotions.

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    Danseur de hip hop by Kathlyn Sweeny

    Danseur de hip hop

    Sculpture - 30x15 cm
    Conversation au hammam by YBAH

    Conversation au hammam

    Sculpture - 42x33 cm
    Impatience by Gérard Taillandier


    Sculpture - 56x10 cm
    Femme au hammam by Kathlyn Sweeny

    Femme au hammam

    Sculpture - 12x8 cm
    Le trompettiste by Daredjane

    Le trompettiste

    Sculpture - 26x10 cm
    Les hippocampes amoureux by Kathlyn Sweeny

    Les hippocampes amoureux

    Sculpture - 28x11 cm
    Plongeon d'Olympe by Kathlyn Sweeny

    Plongeon d'Olympe

    Sculpture - 35x13 cm
    Roxane by Marie SAKSIK


    Sculpture - 46x22 cm
    ELLE et son animal Magique by Les Helenes

    ELLE et son animal Magique

    Sculpture - 26x11 cm


    Sculpture - 50x25 cm

    Le souffleur de verre

    Sculpture - 30x20 cm


    Sculpture - 60x21 cm


    Sculpture - 64x10 cm


    Sculpture - 15x13 cm

    Rêve de soleil

    Sculpture - 10x37 cm

    The Wish

    Sculpture - 44x37 cmRent for $750 /mo

    Colombe blanche

    Sculpture - 7x20 cm

    Joueur de Golf

    Sculpture - 50x30 cm

    Le petit torse…

    Sculpture - 30x17 cm

    Banquise 2

    Sculpture - 15x7 cm

    Sublimation 5

    Sculpture - 23x6 cm


    Sculpture - 47x19 cm


    Sculpture - 17x18 cm


    Sculpture - 37x7 cm


    Sculpture - 17x12 cm

    Rocking-Horse Rider I

    Sculpture - 15x12 cmRent for $75 /mo

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