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Discover bronze sculptures for sale online today. Whether you’re just starting out as a collector or looking to buy bronze sculpture to expand your art collection, we can help you find the right piece for you. With everything from Figurative Bronze Sculpture to Surrealist Bronze Sculpture, this is the best place to discover new and interesting bronze sculpture available to buy or rent.

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Teresa Wells’ bronze sculptures are evocative of the works of ancient times, but redefined for the modern day. Her artworks expose nude figures in poses that appear at once proud and vulnerable, bringing up all kinds of emotions that are common to us all. Her piece Desire and Denial is particularly reminiscent of classical sculpture, but has a certain rough and unpolished finish that lends a much more human and personable feel.

Discover something that strays further from the mould with the work of Andrzej Szymczyk, a Polish artist practising in London today. His bronze sculptures showcase human faces in incredible detail, illustrating a wide range of emotions in the expressions he manages to capture. Animals, and particularly marine life, also feature heavily in his work. These lifelike sculptures appear to move with their detailed gills, scales and eyes, and serve as a reminder of the beauty of the natural world around us.

A brief history of bronze sculptures

As the most popular material for sculptures of all kinds, bronze has played an important role in the art world for centuries. Bronze is easy to work with and expands to fill the details of any mould, making it an ideal material for sculptors since ancient times. Some of the earliest bronze sculptures date back to prehistoric times, such as Dancing Girl that was uncovered in the Indus Valley (modern day Pakistan). It was popular for the Greeks, Romans and throughout modern European society, and continues to hold an important place in contemporary art.

Nearly all of the greatest sculptors have opted for bronze casting at some point during their career. There was a proliferation of bronze sculpture during the Renaissance, which is when some of the medium’s most iconic artworks were produced. Donatello’s depiction of the biblical hero David is one of the most important examples of this, and perhaps one of the most notable Christian artworks in general. This was the first free-standing nude sculpture since antiquity, and therefore marks a transition between the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance.

One of the most important sculptors of the past century was Barbara Hepworth, a British artist born in Yorkshire and who carried out most of her work in St. Ives, Cornwall. Her sculptures have a clean and modern look, with soft lines that are reminiscent of natural forms. The shifting contours of her work blur the lines between the inside and outside, creating a visually interesting piece that leaves a lasting impression. Hepworth worked extensively with bronze, demonstrating the versatility and beauty of this material in sculpture.

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      Crystalline Tower

      Sculpture - 102x41cm

      The Kiss That Freed a Thousand Dreams

      Sculpture - 10x25cmRent for $ 240/mo

      Oh My Cod

      Sculpture - 2x9cm

      Leap of Faith

      Sculpture - 186x78cmRent for $ 1,715/mo

      The Stolen Veil

      Sculpture - 64x49cmRent for $ 525/mo

      Scottish blackface ram (Ovis Aries)

      Sculpture - 60x62cmRent for $ 405/mo

      Anatomical study of a lion

      Sculpture - 48x68cmRent for $ 545/mo


      Sculpture - 90x34cm


      Sculpture - 50x20cmRent for $ 550/mo


      Sculpture - 23x29cmRent for $ 230/mo


      Sculpture - 68x22cm

      Lovelock's shoulders

      Sculpture - 20x25cmRent for $ 175/mo


      Sculpture - 25x30cmRent for $ 600/mo


      Sculpture - 92x38cm

      O Desmatamento

      Sculpture - 68x28cmRent for $ 435/mo


      Sculpture - 76x21cm

      Horse I

      Sculpture - 12x9cmRent for $ 70/mo


      Sculpture - 56x12cm

      weight of the world

      Sculpture - 180x100cmRent for $ 2,380/mo

      Bird Swallowing Fish

      Sculpture - 30x20cmRent for $ 165/mo


      Sculpture - 58x15cm


      Sculpture - 95x36cm


      Sculpture - 74x37cmRent for $ 400/mo

      Anatomical study of the horse

      Sculpture - 36x43cmRent for $ 355/mo

      The Rocking-Horse Winner

      Sculpture - 20x14cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Bather's Memories

      Sculpture - 22x18cm

      Ophelia Third Life

      Sculpture - 95x52cm


      Sculpture - 190x112cmRent for $ 1,370/mo

      LOSS (part 1)

      Sculpture - 42x52cmRent for $ 790/mo