Gaël Rouxeville


Born in Brittany in 1970, Gaël Rouxeville began painting and drawing very early. This visual artist unveils a work carried out by the energy of movement, as if to give life to his sculptures. Know-how enriched by a varied course Before turning to sculpture in 1998, Gaël Rouxeville studied mechanical engineering and industrial design. Already passionate about wood, his sculptor activity, coupled with an eco-responsible approach, gradually led it to the layout. It was enriched with this new know-how that he then resumes sculpture. Energy through the movement of curves The movement is a central element of Gaël Rouxeville's work. His style is based on "the living curve". He thus interprets abstraction in his own way, the dance or the silhouette of the animals. Inspired by the dynamism of forms, the artist presents winding works, between reality and dream.

Selected Works

Le Danseur by Gaël Rouxeville

Le Danseur

Sculpture - 67x37 cm
Avec Maman by Gaël Rouxeville

Avec Maman

Sculpture - 32x48 cm
Skyfall by Gaël Rouxeville


Sculpture - 64x52 cm
Amour de Colombe by Gaël Rouxeville

Amour de Colombe

Sculpture - 12x10 cm
Renew by Gaël Rouxeville


Sculpture - 82x29 cm
Vol au vent by Gaël Rouxeville

Vol au vent

Sculpture - 65x57 cm
L'air marin by Gaël Rouxeville

L'air marin

Sculpture - 45x22 cm
Maternité by Gaël Rouxeville


Sculpture - 21x13 cm
Masque (aôm) by Gaël Rouxeville

Masque (aôm)

Sculpture - 48x28 cm
Solo by Gaël Rouxeville


Sculpture - 45x21 cm


Sculpture - 48x42 cm

Attrape Moi ! (si tu peux)

Sculpture - 30x62 cm

French kiss

Sculpture - 18x10 cm

Le Dormeur (la dormeuse)

Sculpture - 10x54 cm

Blue Moon In Tension

Sculpture - 71x42 cm


Sculpture - 12x12 cm

Fais comme l'oiseau

Sculpture - 27x33 cm


Sculpture - 33x27 cm

Aquatic Flight

Sculpture - 51x38 cm


Sculpture - 27x36 cm

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