Landscape Paintings For Sale

Browse through our collection of landscape paintings for sale. Contemporary landscape painters create everything, from beautiful, tranquil scenes to bold landscapes bursting with new ideas. We represent many artists from around the globe who use landscapes as their inspiration.

Ranging from abstract expressionist pieces, to more illustrative styles, our online gallery has lots to explore.

Featured Landscape Painters

We showcase a range of contemporary landscape painters. Paul Bennett is a British artist who paints expressive abstract seascapes and landscapes from memory. In contrast, Lisa Carney creates more textured canvases in which the landscape emerges from drips, splatters and evocative mark-making. Philip Tyler focuses his imagery on the sky, which dominates the canvas, creating the illusion of space.

Painting in watercolours, Max Naylor creates dreamlike landscapes in mixed media. His works are colourful and filled with semi-surreal imagery, inspired by his memory and imagination. We particularly like Red Boat and Green Cabbage, Pink Clouds.

Gina Parr is a Painter who also 'paints with a camera' when traveling. Her work is driven by autobiographical themes and natural reference, exploring the human condition through connections to place, time and memory, which are all typically played out in a chimerical space which lies somewhere between abstraction and figuration.

Gina Parr’s works are abstract but they are also clear references to landscapes. Her work is driven by autobiographical themes as well as references to nature (primarily landscapes), exploring the human condition and connections to time, place and memory. Her works such as Lines of Desire VI and Passerer Gjennom are wonderfully atmospheric.

History of Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings depict natural scenery, including mountains, beaches, trees, rivers, forests, gardens and flowers. They have always been a dominant subject of Chinese art, with the earliest paintings dating from the sixth century. Imagined through traditional black ink brush paintings, idealised landscapes emphasise harmony within the natural world. However, it was only at the end of the 15th century that it has been valued as a genre in Western art history. Since then, artists have portrayed the landscape in a range of media, from oil and acrylics to watercolour and gouache.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Claude Monet and the Impressionists revolutionised landscape art. Painting en plein air, they captured the effects of light and changing weather on nature. They adopted a more painterly style with rapid brushstrokes and bright colours.

Following Impressionism, Post-Impressionist landscape painters like Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin depicted landscapes of the mind. Using vivid colours, their images of the landscape were filled with symbolism, reflecting personal feelings and a state of mind.

During the 20th century, artists further abstracted landscape paintings. American artist Georgia O'Keeffe is known for her close-up flower paintings and spectacular desert landscapes. Her unique way of painting nature simplified shapes and forms. German Expressionist Emil Nolde also painted flowers during the 20th century. His vibrant watercolour art depicts flowers from his garden in expressive, almost mystical terms.

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      Paintings - 40x40cmRent for $ 140/mo

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      Benamaurel, Andalucia

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      Silhouette Of Past Future And Now

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      Allume Laniakea

      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for $ 80/mo

      Electric Blue

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      We Move Lightly

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      The Last Station

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      Tree of Life II

      Paintings - 87x87cmRent for $ 275/mo

      Symphony 9

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      Inside the Mountain

      Paintings - 40x200cmRent for $ 165/mo

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      Paintings - 70x100cmRent for $ 175/mo

      Sunset Serenity

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      Beginning at Rathcroghan

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      The River Ran With Temperance

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      by the river

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