Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes is a London-based painter.
Jack explores nostalgia, often documenting dreams of childhood memories on canvas.
Jack's paintings push the boundaries of figurative art to the point of abstraction.

Jack Hughes is an award-winning abstract expressionist painter based in London, United Kingdom. Jack describes his large-scale oil paintings as originating from a sense of nostalgia and an attempt to recapture feelings on canvas. His bold figurative compositions merge with abstraction to the point that they are almost lost.

Jack Hughes' Early Career and Inspiration

Jack gained his BA in Fine Art from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2018. His artworks, a range of still life and abstract expressionist pieces, stand out for their bold underpainting and contrasting colours. Over time, his approach has shifted from explorations of existentialism to striking, densely saturated depictions of his upbringing. His current work is rooted in personal childhood experiences. In a recent project, Jack documented his dreams in a diary - particularly those tied to memories of people and places from his youth. He then uses these visions and recollections as starting points for his works. As well as nostalgic subject matter, Jack also finds inspiration in early 20th-century literature and science fiction.

Exhibitions and Collections

Jack’s work is held in private collections internationally, including in Miami and Thessaloniki. He has exhibited in shows across the UK and Europe.

Selected Works

They're Watching by Jack Hughes

They're Watching

Paintings - 21x30 cm
Rush Hour by Jack Hughes

Rush Hour

Drawings - 14x22 cm
Shudder by Jack Hughes


Drawings - 14x22 cm
No one is looking by Jack Hughes

No one is looking

Drawings - 14x22 cm
Labour Of Love by Jack Hughes

Labour Of Love

Paintings - 21x30 cm
Solitude by Jack Hughes


Paintings - 30x21 cm
Delirium by Jack Hughes


Paintings - 21x30 cm
Reset by Jack Hughes


Prints - 14x21 cm
The Observer by Jack Hughes

The Observer

Paintings - 100x150 cm
The Chosen One by Jack Hughes

The Chosen One

Prints - 21x14 cm

Borrowed Time

Paintings - 21x21 cm

What Are We Waiting For?

Paintings - 165x172 cm

Tales In The Dark

Paintings - 80x60 cm

A Common Walk

Paintings - 80x60 cm

Poland Street

Paintings - 170x124 cm

The World On His Shoulders

Paintings - 103x94 cm

A Greek Tragedy (Modesty)

Paintings - 86x76 cm

Phineus' Banquet

Paintings - 76x180 cm

Nothing Good Can't Be Happening

Paintings - 168x105 cm

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