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Explore our selection of marble paintings for sale in our online gallery. Browse marble paintings consisting of cool blues, or why not go for something more colourful and vibrant with our multi-coloured marble paintings. Shop abstract marble paintings today to find a new addition for your home and discover how contemporary artists are keeping this ancient painting technique alive.

Start your search with the work of Fintan Whelan who marbles together blues and greys to create the impression of the natural elements – water, wind and earth. With Elements, the viewer is transported to nature’s brutal extremes, where greys are dispersed with piercing azure and cobalt. In Where the Waters Meet, the impression is softer, as multi-tonal blues bleed into each other to give the impression of a place where streams of water merge.

Mark Chadwick creates abstract marble paintings using an entirely different colour palette. While Fintan’s paintings feel rooted in nature, Mark uses a vivid array of rainbow colours to escape the real world and descend into a psychedelic alternate reality. Fluid Painting 96, for example, makes the viewer feel as if they are looking through a kaleidoscope. No two Chadwick paintings are the same, with the artist emphasizing colour – some of his work explores tones of red while others study different shades of purple. Chadwick also puts a modern spin on the abstract marble painting process, often using machinery to mix and manipulate the paint. At times, he lets gravity take charge, letting the paint drip naturally as he lends his work an element of tension between the planet’s three major forces: man, nature and the machine.

Basics of Abstract Marble Painting

The origins of marbling can be traced back as far as the 12th century, when Japanese artists used “Suminagashi” or “floating ink” to illustrate poetry. However, it took another five centuries before European travellers returned from Asia with examples of the technique that is still widely used.

According to the traditional method, seaweed extract is used to force paint pigments to float on the surface of trays of water. These pools of floating paint can then be manipulated to create marbling patterns before placing paper on top of the liquid to absorb its design.

Artists continue to turn to the art form to create expressive, abstract designs that are charged with movement and entirely unique.

Find out more in our Guide To Abstract Art.

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      Fluid Painting 96

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      In the Mood

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      Fluid Painting 113

      Paintings - 40x45cmRent for $ 28/mo

      Radiant Life

      Paintings - 105x90cm

      Fluid Painting 121

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      Earth Faces

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      Fluid Painting 89

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      Finest Way

      Paintings - 100x100cm

      Fluid Painting 125

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      Fluid Painting 124

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      Fluid Painting 107

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      Down to Earth

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      Fluid Painting No.50

      Paintings - 100x100cm

      Flow Circles Arrangement No.2

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