Barbara Rae

Barbara Rae’s contributions to the art world have earned her a CBE.
Barbara Rae is a member of the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Academy of Art.
Barbara's work features in numerous notable collections, including the Royal Academy of Art in London.

While she works from her studio in Edinburgh, Barbara Rae is Internationally recognised for her work that occupies a position somewhere between Abstract Painting and Landscape Painting. Her visual language captures nature in interesting ways, making use of block shapes and bold colours to create a world that is easy to lose yourself in.

Career Trajectory

Barbara Rae is a respected figure in the world of art. Beginning her training at Edinburgh College of Art, she has since gone on to exhibit globally with notable shows at the Royal Academy, Portland Gallery and The Scottish Gallery. The artist is the recipient of the Alexander Graham Munro Award (1989) and received a CBE in 1999. Barbara Rae is a member of the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Academy of Arts.

Collections Featuring Barbara Rae’s Art

Barbara Rae’s brand of Abstract Expressionism can be found in a number of notable collections, including the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Get to know Barbara Rae’s work for yourself and read our article, Barbara Rae: Documenting the Margins of the World, where we explore her expressive approach to landscape art.

Selected Works

Arctic Glacier by Barbara Rae

Arctic Glacier

Prints - 96x103 cm
Ice Wall - Avanaata by Barbara Rae

Ice Wall - Avanaata

Prints - 96x103 cm
Pueblo by Barbara Rae


Prints - 99x94 cm
Repare! Por Favor by Barbara Rae

Repare! Por Favor

Prints - 75x59 cm
Red Sky Icons by Barbara Rae

Red Sky Icons

Prints - 108x79 cm
Quarry Edge by Barbara Rae

Quarry Edge

Prints - 90x98 cm
Ballinskellig by Barbara Rae


Prints - 96x56 cm
Fish Pool by Barbara Rae

Fish Pool

Prints - 96x56 cm
Vaucluse by Barbara Rae


Prints - 101x73 cm
Seafence by Barbara Rae


Prints - 74x120 cm

Ceanthru Thaidhg

Prints - 97x76 cm

Lacken Cross

Prints - 97x76 cm

Western Boundary

Prints - 102x69 cm

Yesnaby Gold

Prints - 121x87 cm

Dead Sunflowers

Prints - 100x73 cm

Achill Fence

Prints - 75x85 cm

Achill Beach

Prints - 85x75 cm

Arroyo Blanco

Prints - 99x77 cm

Autumn Sierra

Prints - 99x94 cm

Moy Traveller

Prints - 39x39 cm

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