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Discover abstract marble prints for sale among the wide selection of international, contemporary artworks available on our online gallery. Shop abstract marble prints today to find the perfect piece to complete your home or office.

If you’re looking for an abstract marble print, take a look at the work of artist Fintan Whelan. In Distant Infinities, the Irish artist uses the marbling technique to create pools of abstract blue, swirling around each other in fluid, mesmerising arcs. The large print has a calming effect on the viewer, creating a sense of serendipity and the elements at peace.

Origins of Marble Painting

Artists can create abstract marble pieces in different ways but most techniques include filling a shallow tray with water, paint and chemicals that cause the paint to float on the surface. The floating colours can be shaped using a small brush or, finer still, a hair to create kaleidoscopic abstract patterns before paper is placed on top of the liquid to absorb its image. Early examples of the technique marbling have also been found in Iran and Turkey, as well as Japan. Turkish marbling – called Ebru – remains popular with several patterns forming the basis of the tradition, including the zig-zag “gelgit” and the swirling “bülbül yuvas”. Today, Ebru artists pass on their knowledge to the next generation through master-apprentice relationships and it takes at least two years to achieve even basic skills in the artform.

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