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Landscape Photography For Sale

Discover landscape photography for sale. We’ve brought together some of the best landscape photographers practising today so that you can buy online with ease. Marianne Nix has her feet firmly rooted in the traditions of landscape photography, yet she is unafraid to mix things up in her artwork by combining photography with oil paint glazes and impasto to create surreal and evocative images.

Prefer something that breaks conventions entirely? You might not recognise Gina Parr’s work as photography at first, as these abstracted pieces take inspiration from the painted medium. Look a little closer and you’ll see suggestions of the natural world in these unique pieces that blur the lines between different art forms.

For landscape photography that stays closer to the tradition, take a look at the work of Geoffrey Ansel Agrons. This American photographer takes simple natural scenes and imbues them with his own sense of quiet melancholy, depicting a fraught relationship between humans and their environment. These understated photographs make a beautiful addition to any space in the home.

Finally, Andrew Lever is a landscape photographer who knows how to capture images that make an impact. A celebration of the great outdoors, his photography features everything from surfers riding across a sunset horizon to the lush vegetation of Asian jungles. So effective is his work that he earned himself the title of Photographer of the Year from New Zealand Geographic Magazine in 2012, and an honorable mention from National Geographic the following year.

Why not also explore Landscape Paintings, Landscape Drawings or Landscape Sculptures. Or find out more about photography in our Guide To Photography.

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    Photography - 91x61 cm

    Winter of our Youth (9)

    Photography - 80x80 cm

    Left Turn At Mars

    Photography - 61x51 cm

    Useless Loop

    Photography - 120x80 cm


    Photography - 61x91 cm

    Utah Blue

    Photography - 183x123 cm

    Looking for Utopia (11)

    Photography - 40x60 cm

    Joshua Tree, Twilight Blue

    Photography - 61x91 cm

    Sun Screen

    Photography - 30x45 cm

    Loches - 1 of 10 Limited Edition

    Photography - 59x42 cm

    Sol - 6 of 10 Limited Edition

    Photography - 84x59 cm

    Winter of our Youth (3)

    Photography - 80x80 cm

    Across the sands II

    Photography - 84x60 cmRent for $67 /mo

    Untitled #6

    Photography - 61x91 cmRent for $105 /mo

    Desert Roads 2

    Photography - 61x76 cmRent for $90 /mo


    Photography - 91x61 cm

    Looking for Utopia (5)

    Photography - 40x60 cm

    Sunset by the lake

    Photography - 60x90 cm

    Patagonia - 7888.

    Photography - 160x110 cm

    Looking for Utopia (7)

    Photography - 40x60 cm

    Bentota III - 1 of 10 Limited Edition Photograph

    Photography - 84x59 cmRent for $130 /mo

    OBIAGELIAKU version #2

    Photography - 41x61 cm

    The Waiting Game

    Photography - 61x54 cm


    Photography - 61x91 cm