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        Contemporary Iranian artist Heja Rahiminia stands out for his semi-surrealist, black and white photography.
        Heja’s work focuses on themes of migration, displaced bodies and social and political strife.
        Heja’s aerial aesthetic highlights the magnitude of displacement, making for emotive and striking works.

        Contemporary Iranian artist Heja Rahiminia is known for his semi-surrealist photography themed around social, cultural and political strife. Heja is particularly interested in using his work to share narratives on migration and displaced bodies.

        Heja Rahiminia’s Photography

        The artist manipulates black and white photographs to vehicle ideas around social and political inequality. Heja's aerial landscape shots tend to be minimalist and conceptual in style. His bird's-eye view aesthetic is at once all-consuming and detached, making for works which resound with ambivalency. By sensitively exploiting height, deep contrast and the placement of anonymous, ant-like figures, Heja gives observers the chance to consider the magnitude of global migration, especially in the context of war and forced displacement.

        Collections and Exhibitions

        Heja graduated from the Art University of Isfahan, Iran, with an MA degree in Research of Art. Heja’s work has been showcased at a variety of exhibitions, with solo shows at the Azad Gallery, Tehran and the Shanidar Gallery, Iraq.

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