Read artist interviews featuring some of the most exciting established and emerging figures in the art world. Our conversations with contemporary artists get to the heart of what makes them tick, exploring the development of their style, their inspirations and the stories behind their recent work. Discover our artist interviews to get to know the people whose works that you can browse and buy in our online store.

Our top artist interviews

One of our most popular recent interviews was a talk with Nelson Makamo, a South African painter and winner of 2018’s Rise Art Prize known for his expressive portraits. Our conversation with Kelvin Okafor, who creates intricate photorealistic pencil portraits, dove into his unique fusion of the technical and the conceptual. You may also enjoy our interview with Fred Ingrams, in which he discusses both his technical process and what drew him to start painting the Fens.

Interviews you won’t want to miss

Among our contemporary artist interviews, you will find our Q&A with Philip Vaughan, author of the landmark 48ft-tall Light Tower which graced the London skyline from 1972 to 2008. You can read about the machinations and motivations driving rising star Anna Sofie Jesperson. Our interview with Mark Chadwick may also be of interest, where the colour master shines a light on the inspiration behind his vibrant abstract paintings.

Subtle Splendour: Seeing the World through Alain Pontecorvo’s Eyes

A quintessential genre painter and portraiture artist, Alain Pontecorvo sees the world not through rose-coloured glasses but glasses that are a colour only he knows. We are pleased to be exclusively launching a portfolio of new work by Alain Pontecorvo, accompanied by an essay written by our Artist Relations Lead, Laurel Bouye.

A Seat at Kate McCrickard’s Table

To mark the exclusive launch of a new series of paintings and drawings, our Curator Phin Jennings visited Kate McCrickard in Paris to speak about how memory, biography and politics find their way into the artist’s work.

Yannick Bouillault: An encounter with a minimalist sculptor

Lifelong artist Yannick Bouillault boldly traded his boilermaker profession for the enchanting world of sculpture in 2016. Fascinated by raw materials, Bouillault creates graphic realms of sculpted geometric abstractions, steel busts and minimalist figures.

The Sublime and The Structural: Fred Ingrams’ Landscape Paintings

To mark the exclusive launch of nine new works by Fred Ingrams, painted between The Fens in Norfolk and the Flow Country in Scotland, our Curator Phin Jennings spoke with the artist about the meaning and importance of the two landscapes and how they impact his practice.

Ambiguity and Realism with Lasse Thorst

To coincide with an exclusive launch of five new paintings by Lasse Thorst, our Curator Phin Jennings visited his studio in Denmark to learn more about the importance of harmony, symbolism and ambiguity in his work.

Everything depends on everything: intentionality and unpredictability with Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Available for the first time, we are launching a collection of 32 original artworks by Pezo von Ellrichshausen from the last ten years. They include selected examples from five bodies of work that span drawing, acrylic, oil and watercolour painting. To mark this, the latest chapter of an ongoing collaboration between Rise Art and Pezo von Ellrichshausen, our Curator Phin Jennings visited their home and studio in Chile to learn more about their collaborative practice as artists and architects.

Fleur Patrick: Collaborating with the Paint

“The paintings become a record of a battle,” she tells me: a battle between portrayal and distortion. She exercises limited power over the latter, meaning that she can never be quite sure how a painting will turn out until it is finished; “I relinquish control and allow the paint to behave according to its own material tendencies.”

Marleen Pauwels: leaning into quiet

“My focus is on silence and solitude,” Marleen Pauwels tells me with a luminescent smile. This is not usually the expression that comes with discussing solitude, I point out, as Pauwels presents me with one of her signature elongated figures, alone in a secluded scene of what can only be described, at first glance, as emptiness.

Daniel Freaker: Fantastical, Relatable, Material

I’m particularly drawn to evocative spaces, landscapes and architecture where the space somehow echoes a human experience,” he tells me of the settings he chooses for his paintings. He sometimes places characters or signs of human activity against these backgrounds, suggesting that they might be the settings for untold stories, but not always. Sometimes the infrastructure itself is enough to capture the viewer’s imagination.

“It becomes timeless”: Dave White’s category-defying animal portraits

By committing to capturing his subject faithfully, deferring the questions and claims about art that so many others are preoccupied with, he allows himself to develop constantly as an artist. “I’m just trying to make beautiful things,” he tells me, “and I see beauty in everything.”

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