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Our team of curators are happy to help you choose — and they won't bamboozle you with art speak (unless you want them to). In the past we've helped people pick between artists, find out more about different mediums, and learn a bit more about how we choose artists – what is great art? Above all, we’re here to help you find art you adore — art that takes your breath away, transports you, makes you think, or screams wildly against the howling winds of iniquity . . .

And the best part? All you have to do is use the chat function at the bottom right hand corner of your screen to get in touch. Easy-peasy.

What you'll get:

  • Help choosing art
  • Advice on starting a collection
  • Thoughts on what to put where
  • A heads-up on art-world trends
  • Recommendations
  • Clarity on decision-making

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Have a question or need some advice? Hit the chat icon on the bottom right to start talking to one of our curators.

Curators on Call

Kate MacDonald

Kate is an Art Advisor at Rise Art. She works with private, corporate and trade clients. Over her time at the company Kate has worked on a diverse range of projects, from advising on art for London office spaces to dressing the BBC Apprentice House.

Kate has a degree in Cultural History from the University of Bristol and has previously worked as a jazz booking agent.

Kate is the musical talent in the office. She sings and plays the trumpet. Plus she has an earring collection to rival Peggy Guggenheim.

Renatta Maniski-Luke

Renatta is a member of the Curatorial Team at Rise Art. She advises private individuals as well as corporate and trade clients on their art collections.

Renatta studied Fine Art (she’s an accomplished sculptor) and specialised in Curation. She’s worked as an Exhibition Coordinator and Curatorial Consultant for several art organisations.

Renatta is a self-proclaimed health freak. She walks to work and always has a green smoothie to hand.

Why Rise Art?

  • Unparalleled choice of artworks from emerging and established contemporary artists, galleries and museums.
  • No-hassle free returns policy and optional framing service.
  • Try before you buy - monthly payments start at just £15, and you earn credit towards the purchase price.
  • Be part of our charitable initiative Art for Care. Whenever we receive an order, we supply an art kit to a child in hospital.