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        Whether you are looking for guidance on selecting an artwork or want help with questions around framing, hanging or our art rental service, we are available to assist you completely free of charge.

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        Our team of experts work directly with you to help you select the right piece. We can also advise on starting a collection and the latest trends.

        Try Before You Buy

        Our art rental service lets you try artwork at home for a monthly fee, while earning credits towards purchase.
        If you are a UK resident, you have the option of a ten months interest-free payment plan via OwnArt.

        Bespoke Orders

        We provide assistance with services including framing, hanging and shipping.
        We work with many artists who are open to commission unique and personal works for you.

        Curators On Call

        Phin Jennings

        Phin Jennings

        Phin is a Curator at Rise Art, and is responsible working directly with our artists from around the world and sharing their work with our clients.

        Phin studied Philosophy at university, specialising in modern European ideas about art. He is based in London.

        Email: advisors@riseart.com

        Verity Babbs

        Verity Babbs

        Verity is an art writer, podcast host and vlogger. She believes representation is crucial in the art world and is particularly interested in making art spaces (both on- and offline) more accessible to everyone.

        Based in Peckham, Verity can be found exploring London's South East art scene.

        Email: advisors@riseart.com