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Curated by Cécile Martet

The Curator’s Picks collection featured a selection of our curatorial team’s all-time favourite artworks on the platform. One of our most visited collections on the platform, the Curator’s Picks showcases original works from award-winning artists, exclusive artworks, limited edition prints and much more.

Curated for Collectors

Whether starting out or already a seasoned collector, people often visit our Curator’s Picks when looking to purchase new art. As with most of our collections, Curator’s Picks offers something for every budget and collector. Featuring traditional landscapes, large scale abstracts, intricate botanicals and much more, Curator’s Picks is accessible, up-to-date and the go-to destination for anyone wanting to buy art online.

Expertly Picked

Rise Art’s team of art experts are always looking out for exceptional artworks and stand-out artists. Each and every artwork on the platform has been selected and approved by our curators, ensuring that we are showing only the highest quality art.

Over 100 new artworks launch on Rise Art every week (sometimes in one day) so there is always a plethora of new work to view. Each week this collection highlights some of our curators’ favourite works that have been uploaded during the previous 7 days, from painting and print-making to photography and sculpture.

Regularly Updated

For you to have quick access to the very best that Rise Art has to offer, this collection is updated weekly to shine a light on the newest arrivals to the platform. Hand-picked by our curatorial team, this collection is your destination for recommended art each and every week. Keep an eye on our Weekly Picks collection to be up-to-date with the most exciting and sought-after artworks on the platform.

Want to see our curator’s weekly edit? Browse our Weekly Picks collection.

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