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Discover contemporary abstract art for sale in Rise Art’s online gallery. Shop today to find limited edition, original abstract art from some of the most exciting artists of the moment, spanning works that explore colour experimentation, geometric design and innovative conceptual ideas. Use our filters to refine your search or browse our full abstract art collection below.

Browse through thousands of abstract paintings, prints, drawings, photography and sculpture to find the perfect piece for your collection. You can also view the work of our abstract artists if you prefer to sort by artist name.


For up-and-coming abstract artists, we recommend award-winning artist Daniela Schweinsberg. Her work The Smell of Green highlights a sense of urgency, with its large scale creating a forceful impact with the viewer.

Lee Ellis’s portraits use surface and depth to depict the inner turmoil of his subjects; colourist Barbara Krupp’s works play boldly with form; Nick Malone explores the boundary between abstraction and realism, encouraging the eye to travel across an archeology of marks, words and textures.

British artist Damien Hirst has dominated the modern art scene for over thirty years and has created some of the most prominent pieces of abstract art in recent decades. The topics of life, death and one’s existence is continually explored in recurring motifs of skulls, sharks and spots. Lauren Baker offers artworks similar to Hirst’s.

Discover more Abstract artists here including our female abstract artists.


Abstract art is a modern art movement that originated in the 20th century. The genre can be defined as a style that is non-objective, non-figurative, non-representative and, ultimately, completely detached from realism. It is seen as one of the pioneering styles that has given birth to modern and contemporary art.

The origins of abstract art can be seen in the development of Post-Impressionism and the work of Paul Gaugin, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne. After the First World War, European artists felt disillusioned with reality and its depiction in traditional art forms. This disapproval paved the way for radical artistic movements to develop new ideas about abstraction.

Find out more in our Guide To Abstract Art.

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      The Heavens Wept

      Paintings - 100x100cm


      Collage - 122x92cm


      Collage - 122x92cm


      Collage - 122x92cm

      Feeling the Way

      Drawings - 97x112cmRent for $ 500/mo

      Self portrait #26 ( 50 x 76 cm )

      Photography - 50x76cmRent for $ 70/mo


      Photography - 91x81cm


      Prints - 39x39cmRent for $ 140/mo


      Paintings - 43x43cmRent for $ 76/mo

      Intensity of Soul

      Paintings - 127x102cm


      Paintings - 80x90cmRent for $ 280/mo

      Glorious Rising II

      Paintings - 229x61cm


      Collage - 122x92cm

      Winter Snow Distortion

      Paintings - 100x100cmRent for $ 235/mo

      Interior with Paynes Grey

      Paintings - 60x40cmRent for $ 390/mo

      Weeping Willow

      Paintings - 130x180cmRent for $ 295/mo

      Feels like home 10

      Paintings - 30x41cmRent for $ 115/mo

      Interlocking V's

      Sculpture - 15x31cm

      Ghost Bitch 2

      Paintings - 45x32cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Outside Interior II

      Prints - 59x84cmRent for $ 75/mo

      City Movements I

      Photography - 40x60cmRent for $ 80/mo

      Crevace no. 11

      Paintings - 36x28cm

      Light Chroma Monochrome

      Paintings - 70x70cm

      Untitled Raw Sienna

      Paintings - 100x60cmRent for $ 485/mo

      Grey Green Veil over Light

      Paintings - 142x213cm