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        Philip’s Neon Tower was a fixture of the London skyline from 1972 to 2008.
        You’ll find Philip’s work in collections across the globe, from Los Angeles to Japan.
        Philip is an international artist who grew up in France and has worked in both the UK and the USA.

        Brought up between two countries, Philip Vaughan was born in France to English parents, and eventually relocated to Los Angeles where he lives and works today. His body of work is diverse, ranging from sculpture to paintings to public art commissions. Drawing inspiration from the shapes and forms found in plant biology and natural waveforms, Philip creates works of geometric abstraction that explore the beauty of the natural world. Philip’s work is full of visual complexity yet remains carefully considered, making each piece both intriguing and satisfying in its sense of geometric order.

        Philip Vaughan’s Career

        Philip did not originally train as an artist, and in fact first studied architecture at the University of Cambridge before eventually transferring to Chelsea School of Art. It seems his architectural training has influenced his artwork to a degree, in which you can note a sense of precision and geometry. Since graduating, Philip has gone on to exhibit extensively and to produce impressive public sculptures, such as a kinetic structure titled the Neon Tower at the Hayward Gallery on London’s South Bank Art Centre. In the late 1970s he crossed the Atlantic and has since worked in Florida and California.

        Exhibitions and Collections

        Philip has exhibited everything from his geometric drawings to abstract sculpture extensively, in locations ranging from Germany to the United States. You’ll find his work in private and public collections across the globe, from Hokkaido in northern Japan to the LA Arboretum.

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