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Discover geometric drawings for sale. Geometric drawings can be understood in opposition to free illustration – these drawings are produced according to the rules of geometry, resulting in straight lines and shapes that create a bold, impactful style. Get to know the style by browsing our selection of Geometric Paintings, Geometric Photography and Geometric Sculpture.

Nigel Bird is a British artist working with a variety of different materials, including black pastel, charcoal, Indian ink and soot. Through his use of interesting shapes and angles, Bird is able to create work that is surprisingly varied considering the grayscale palette.

If you’re interested in the idea of space in art, take a look at the work of Bianca Maccall. Her geometric drawings explore both industrial and natural spaces, and make a great addition to any art collection.

One of the most important and well-known artists to have explored the geometric approach in their work is Wassily Kandinsky. Considered one of the great artists of abstract art, Kandinsky began to introduce geometric motifs into his works from around the 1920s. He believed that geometry had universal qualities, and so this offered him the chance to create art that spoke to everyone on some level.

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    Veiled Reference by Philip Vaughan

    Veiled Reference

    Drawings - 107x163 cm
    Threads by Nigel Bird


    Drawings - 57x57 cm
    Ovum (from the series In Papyro) by Pak Keung Wan

    Ovum (from the series In Papyro)

    Drawings - 42x59 cmRent for $125 /mo
    Detail 001 by Ilya Yod

    Detail 001

    Drawings - 30x21 cm
    Encre escalier by Marie-Astrid Grivet

    Encre escalier

    Drawings - 61x46 cm
    Drawing Widdershins by Nigel Bird

    Drawing Widdershins

    Drawings - 215x74 cmRent for $735 /mo
    Unfinished by Nigel Bird


    Drawings - 82x126 cm
    Encre paris III by Marie-Astrid Grivet

    Encre paris III

    Drawings - 61x46 cm
    Sunshine on plaster by Nigel Bird

    Sunshine on plaster

    Drawings - 98x74 cm

    Detail 002

    Drawings - 30x21 cm


    Drawings - 40x30 cm

    Trois silhouettes

    Drawings - 35x20 cm


    Drawings - 60x50 cm

    3 Geometric Forms

    Drawings - 29x118 cmRent for $100 /mo

    Didcot B Landscape

    Drawings - 59x84 cm

    Série voyelles "AUO"

    Drawings - 50x65 cm


    Drawings - 65x50 cm

    20210203 covidin

    Drawings - 65x50 cm

    20201229 alone

    Drawings - 65x50 cm

    Sans titre

    Drawings - 25x25 cm


    Drawings - 42x30 cm


    Drawings - 60x50 cm


    Drawings - 60x50 cm

    Sans titre

    Drawings - 25x25 cm


    Drawings - 30x21 cm

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