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Thierry Machuron


Trained in architecture and graduate of the Boulle school, Thierry Machuron teaches design and applied arts. The drawing is the mode of expression it favors, with the main models of travel experiences and impressions. He has been traveling the world for more than ten years and reports images, most often drawn, many countries: Cuba, Tahiti, China, United States, Russia, Europe ... Drawings and paintings in ink, felt, felt, felt At watercolor, acrylic, oil, graphics tablet, according to nature or return to the workshop. Author of a book on drawing published in February 2020.

Selected Works

Suzhou - Nocturne - Chine

Drawings - 30x40 cm

Rome - Villa Giuilia

Drawings - 21x29 cm

Rome - Forum

Drawings - 41x29 cm

Rome - Colosseo

Drawings - 41x29 cm

Sainte-Colombe - Dordogne

Prints - 30x40 cm

Cour de ferme - Dordogne

Prints - 30x40 cm

Matala - Crète

Paintings - 10x28 cm

De Matala à Gortyne - Crète

Paintings - 10x31 cm

De Spili à Matala - Crète

Paintings - 21x25 cm

Plage de Matala - Crète

Paintings - 23x31 cm

Baie de Loutro - Crète

Paintings - 23x31 cm

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