Thierry Machuron


Thierry Machuron was born in Paray-le-Monial in 1975. He lives and works in Nevers in France.

Trained in architecture and a graduate of the Ecole Boulle, he teaches design, drawing and painting. His preferred modes of expression are from nature and from the motif, with travel experiences and impressions as his main models.

He has been travelling the world for more than twenty years, bringing back images from many horizons: Cuba, Tahiti, China, the United States, Russia, Europe... drawings and paintings in ink, watercolour, gouache, oil, graphic tablet, on the spot or back in the studio.

He is the author of a book entitled Pour le dessin (For Drawing) and regularly organises workshops in his studio in the countryside.


"Travel is the main subject of my work. Painting, drawing, recording in order to understand and remember in a more lasting way. All visual, pictorial and graphic forms help me to apprehend the world, with the desire to visit and remember everything!

Academic techniques are my preferred means of expression, and I always try to create tools and colours based on historical recipes. Throughout my work, I've also noticed a recurring taste for a pictorial quality that combines a form of realism, figuration and impressions of a place or a journey."

Thierry Machuron Artworks

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    Villa Hadriana - Tivoli Rome by Thierry Machuron

    Villa Hadriana - Tivoli Rome

    Paintings - 70x180 cm
    Moon Bay village Chine Delta de Shanghai by Thierry Machuron
    San Francisco Hayes Place by Thierry Machuron

    San Francisco Hayes Place

    Paintings - 70x90 cm
    Hotel Casa Santiago de Cuba by Thierry Machuron

    Hotel Casa Santiago de Cuba

    Paintings - 70x90 cm
    École de Salsa, Cienfuegos de Cuba by Thierry Machuron
    Suzhou - Nocturne - Chine by Thierry Machuron

    Suzhou - Nocturne - Chine

    Drawings - 30x40 cm
    Apremont sur Allier - Cher - France by Thierry Machuron

    Rome - Villa Giuilia

    Drawings - 21x29 cm

    Rome - Forum

    Drawings - 41x29 cm

    Rome - Colosseo

    Drawings - 41x29 cm

    Sainte-Colombe - Dordogne

    Prints - 30x40 cm

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