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Discover conceptual drawings for sale online today. Our curated online gallery exhibits a vast array of original work, with drawings ranging from abstract impressions of city maps, to distorted mixed media pieces. Showcasing work from some of the most exciting conceptual artists active today, Rise Art’s selection is ever-evolving with intricate, mesmerising and beautiful pieces of art. Browse our collection, and explore our conceptual portrait, architecture and map drawings.

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Pak Keung Wan explores themes of energy, birth and the fusion of human and cosmic bodies. Wan believes in each piece speaking for itself and feeling its way into being. From his small scale drawing Untitled (Apparition) study no:6 to his large scale wall drawing Ascent, Wan’s gentle repetition of line creates a series mesmerising conceptual drawings.

Tannaz Oroumchi's drawings take on a geometric appearance as they form vast birds-eye-view perspectives of different cities. Oroumchi’s rigorous attention to detail and monochrome palettes form drawings that echo old-fashioned maps.

A brief history

Conceptual drawings focus on the idea, meaning or concept behind the work, whilst its formal appearance remains secondary. Whether probing at philosophical thinking, or stirring a sense of deep self-contemplation, conceptual art is free from formal convention and restriction.

Conceptual drawing emerged during the 1960s, when artists shifted their attention from the visual nature of art, to the idea that fuelled the artwork. Concerned with breaking the limits of creation, conceptual drawings arose as a valid medium, whilst also being used to plan other conceptual pieces. Artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Matt Mullican and Adrian Piper created conceptual drawings to question the purpose of art, and draw attention to the act of artistic practice.

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    London Contour by Tannaz Oroumchi

    London Contour

    Drawings - 84x130 cmRent for $435 /mo
    Squares by Nigel Bird


    Drawings - 70x100 cm
    City I by Tannaz Oroumchi

    City I

    Drawings - 65x80 cmRent for $235 /mo
    Istanbul Fatih Black  by Tannaz Oroumchi

    Istanbul Fatih Black

    Drawings - 84x130 cmRent for $260 /mo
    Poster 265 by Philipp Rukavishnikov

    Poster 265

    Drawings - 100x70 cm
    Oxford Street 7 Points  by Tannaz Oroumchi

    Oxford Street 7 Points

    Drawings - 25x105 cmRent for $170 /mo
    Walk in the Woods by Alison Chaplin

    Walk in the Woods

    Drawings - 60x84 cmRent for $75 /mo
    Poster 264 by Philipp Rukavishnikov

    Poster 264

    Drawings - 100x70 cm
    London Extent by Tannaz Oroumchi

    London Extent

    Drawings - 84x130 cmRent for $455 /mo

    London Stretch

    Drawings - 84x125 cmRent for $455 /mo

    Istanbul Besiktas Magenta

    Drawings - 84x130 cmRent for $260 /mo


    Drawings - 40x30 cm

    Untitled (apparition) study no: 9

    Drawings - 19x21 cmRent for $60 /mo

    London Black

    Drawings - 84x120 cmRent for $455 /mo

    Poster 263

    Drawings - 100x70 cm

    London Edge

    Drawings - 84x125 cmRent for $455 /mo


    Drawings - 29x21 cm

    Sans titre

    Drawings - 38x33 cm

    London Pink Sketch

    Drawings - 37x29 cmRent for $65 /mo


    Drawings - 42x29 cm


    Drawings - 30x21 cm


    Drawings - 42x30 cm

    La prophétie

    Drawings - 48x54 cm


    Drawings - 42x30 cm

    Séquence II

    Drawings - 55x37 cm

    Séquence IV

    Drawings - 55x37 cm

    Eté 2018

    Drawings - 55x37 cm

    Les marcheurs

    Drawings - 75x55 cm

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