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Sylvia Baldeva


Favoring watercolor and ink as a medium, Sylvia Baldeva practices a spontaneous art where emotions and sensations are reflected. Sketches in deep black or pastel colors, animals, landscapes, his work reveals a poetic, expressive and delicate imagination. Art has always been Sylvia Baldeva is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and created in France. Born in Bulgaria, it was with her father, a recognized painter, that she was immersed in her first steps in the art world. His work will keep an indelible imprint. Sylvia Baldeva exercises for several years in multiple areas of creation. She collaborates as an illustrator with various customers. The pictorial creation of this artist is based on the notion of “metamorphosed memories”. The subjects appear, precise or vaporous and materialize memories and feelings. Like visual tales, they give birth to new emotions and symbolic lives. Poetry and pictorial freedom During the creative process, Sylvia Baldeva reveals the subjects in an incessant game between control and letting go. His predilection for fluid techniques allows him to express creative impulses directly. Through what she calls "fluidity", she reveals a form of pictorial freedom that highlights perception and emotion. The works of Sylvia Baldeva take poetic paths and show a timeless appearance. She regularly presents her work during personal and collective exhibitions. She is one of the artists-ambassadors Canson® Europe. Find the interview with Sylvia Baldeva on Kazoart's blog

Selected Works

La danse du corps

Paintings - 38x28 cm

Lune blanche

Photography - 32x20 cm

Incarnation nocturne

Photography - 35x30 cm


Drawings - 50x40 cm


Drawings - 55x40 cm


Drawings - 30x21 cm

La mariée de l'aube

Drawings - 30x21 cm


Paintings - 38x28 cm

Sentiment bleu

Paintings - 38x28 cm


Paintings - 30x21 cm

Vague à l'âme

Drawings - 21x30 cm


Drawings - 29x21 cm

Pérégrination en Orient

Paintings - 50x65 cm


Paintings - 30x21 cm


Drawings - 40x30 cm

Danse extase

Paintings - 70x50 cm

Nu de dos

Paintings - 50x50 cm


Paintings - 38x28 cm


Paintings - 32x24 cm

Couleur rousse

Paintings - 30x21 cm

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