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Discover an original selection of gouache paintings for sale online today. Our vast and ever-evolving collection showcases artwork from some of the most exciting gouache painters active today. Whether you’re after a vibrant abstract painting or an emotive portrait, explore Rise Art’s selection of original gouache paintings and find the perfect piece to purchase today. Why not start by delving into our selection of abstract, expressionistic or figurative gouache paintings.…

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Genevieve Leavold’s paintings explore the tension between the spiritual and physical qualities of the natural world. In Shooting Star, Leavold uses the opaque and translucent quality of gouache to create a rhythmic painting of decisive line, shape and movement.

Adam Reid works with gouache to create a series of atmospheric portraits that straddle the line between permanence and transience. Reid often fades the figure into the rich colour of the background, or brings the background into the foreground in his large-scale gouache portraits.

About gouache painting

Gouache is a water based medium, used to achieve a rich, heavy and smooth texture in painting. Often referred to as ‘opaque watercolour’, gouache consists of a high proportion of natural pigment, making it thicker and less delicate than watercolour.

Gouache paintings stem back to Ancient Greece and Egypt, where an equally thick painting medium was created from the binding of honey, plant gums and pigment. The term ‘gouache’ originates from the Italian word ‘guazzo’, and was used to describe the process of applying oil paint over a tempura base to achieve a matte effect. By the 18th century ‘gouache’ was used in France as a name for opaque watercolour practice. Examples of famous gouache paintings range from Corregio’s Annunciation during the High Renaissance, to more recent works such as Matisse’s Gouaches Découpés (Paper Cut Outs) in the mid-twentieth century.

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