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Textiles & Tapestries

Every stitch tells a story. Enjoy an immersive art collection where threads knit and twist timeless tales of heritage, culture, and human expression. Inspired by the intricate patterns of textiles and the storytelling prowess of tapestries, this collection invites you to explore and unwind the very fabric of texture, colour, and narrative from artists such as Tanya Angelova, Milena Paladino, and Susanna Klein. From vibrant weavings to delicate embroideries, each piece unveils a rich tapestry of artistic ingenuity and cultural significance.


Curated by Sophie Heatley


Though they're little, they're fierce! Our art figurine collection celebrates Rise Art's array of smaller sculptures, notably from cartoon and pop art inspirations. These sculptures will, no doubt, bring a burst of colour into your interiors, even in their small sizes! Discover and browse our collection of art figurines by some of the greatest up-and-coming artists on Rise Art as well as established artists. Whether they be the iconic cartoon figurines of KAWS, the pop art compact scultures of ART'MONY or Olga Lomaka's aliens, Rise Art has put together a collection for you of our unmissable figurines, for those of you looking for a sculpture that will fit smaller spaces! All of the figurines in this collection are under 50cm, to accommodate even the most narrow places that you want to decorate with art.


Curated by Rise Art

The Cat's Meow - Cat Art

They say that dog is a man's best friend but if that's the case, what does that make cats? Perhaps your cat is your socially awkward housemate, your condescending overlord, or your unemployed cuddle buddy. Whatever their role in your life, you probably have hundreds of pictures of them on your camera roll. But why not elevate their presence in your home through cat art? On Rise Art, you can find all sorts of feline-themed artwork and original cat prints. From the "Cats Named Sam" series by the legendary Andy Warhol to paintings of majestic house cats in their domestic domain to Takashi Murakami's abstract renderings of our furry friends, we've selected cat artworks that will remind you of your little ball of fur and make you forget about having to scoop the litter box.


Curated by Rise Art

Guest Curator: Narbi Price

Alongside Dr Narbi Price’s ongoing series, Flowers Paintings, just released on Rise Art, the award-winning artist has curated a guest collection of works with us, selected for their quality of depth and intrigue. Price explains; “I’m drawn to artwork that I cannot immediately figure out, that resists being dropped into a mental pigeonhole. I want art that rewards the work I put into it, that reveals more layers and meaning the more I engage with it; perhaps an uncertain placing in the abstraction/figuration spectrum, maybe a partial narrative or a jarring combination of colour and gesture. In my own paintings, I aim to create a similar atmosphere — one that suggests there is more to discover, like breaking in a new pair of boots: it might be challenging initially, but the payoff is a unique and evolving experience." Discover Narbi Price's Flowers Paintings here.


Curated by Narbi Price

Guest Curator: Angélique Castellaro

We are pleased to share a collection of works selected by esteemed interior decorator and set designer Angelique Castellaro. For Castellaro, art isn't just a finishing touch—it's the very essence that breathes life into a space, infusing it with character and charm; “To me, selecting artwork is akin to curating a collection of precious jewels; each piece possesses a unique allure, enriching the ambiance and bestowing upon it a soulful depth.” In this eclectic selection, the designer has drawn from an array of artistic styles that resonate with her aesthetic sensibilities. From the iconic Pop Art of Andy Warhol to the captivating creations of emerging talents like Émilie Moysson, her choices span a full spectrum of creativity and expression.


Curated by Angélique Castellaro

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