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New from Germany

This collection shows off the newest work from Germany, from Rise Art stars - Bea Garding Schubert, Daniela Schweinsberg, Jan Brauer, Renate Faeth, and Ralf Schmidt - plus work from two of our newest artists, Raffael Bader & Nina Lamiel Bruchhaus

Curated by Verity Babbs

Celebrating Pride 2021

In celebration of #Pride month, we have curated a new collection showcasing art that champions the LGBTQ+ community. Tabitha Soren sources imagery from LGBTQ+ orientated publications to form layered and dynamic conceptual photographs. Carrie Stanley Smith captures intimate portraits that delve into notions of gender and drag culture. Oleksandr Balbyshev explores themes of male sexuality and sensuality through a style that merges elements of surrealism and pop art. Explore more works celebrating Pride and championing the Queer artistic community in our Pride 2021 collection.

Curated by Verity Babbs


The Impasto Collection showcases a range of textured, expressive and gestural paintings. Discover Bethann Parker’s delicately layered pastoral scenes, Enzo Marra’s small-scale monochrome portraits and Magdalena Morey’s vibrant abstract expressionist seascapes in our new collection.

Curated by Verity Babbs

The Curator’s Wishlist

The Curator’s Wishlist is a collection of artworks chosen by some of the biggest new names in art curation, writing and collecting. We approached some of our favourite voices in the contemporary art world, and tasked them with selecting five artworks that are at the top of their wishlist. You can do the same and add your favourite Rise Art pieces to your wishlist. Simply click the heart next to ‘Add to Wishlist’ on the artwork page. You can find your wishlist and revisit your favourite works by clicking the heart to the right of the navigation bar. Marie-Odile, an art collector, TikToker and Paris-based content curator chose First Contact by Baldvin Ringsted, Heatwave by Yannis Guibinga, Cactus Majorelle by Nadia Attura, Untitled #17 (from the series Solar Caress) by Pak Keung Wan and pbs.org/nova/earth/greenlandisshrinking by Tabitha Soren for her wishlist. Alayo Akinkugbe, the brains behind A Black History of Art, has picked Somalia 4 by Philip Maltman, Summer Daylily by Jeannine Cook, Ke ile ka tswela pele ka ho tereka a ntse a bua by Lebohang Kganye, The Power and the Glory by Dangerous Minds Artists and Femi Kuti by Martin Thompson as her top 5. Leo Sartain, Director of The Rafiki Gallery selected Untitled (Marlboro Man) by Peter Horvath, Cow Girl by Grace Kennison, Kiss by Johanna Melvin, Collage 1 by Abigail Robertson and Beach of a Day by Will Claridge for his wishlist. Joséphine-May Bailey, an art historian, curator at Liliya Gallery and the voice behind Procrastinarting has chosen nomad #10 by Zin Lim, The Center of Chaos by Lisa Kellner, Scrub by Sue Kennington, Every Day’s an Endless Stream by Jane Pryor and WITH A BUTTERFLY KISS AND A LADYBUG HUG by Daniela Schweinsberg as her picks. Alicia Puig from Create! Magazine has chosen Lost & Found by Susan Schmidt, Return The Way That You Came by Alexandra Gallagher, Cactus Flower by Nadia Attura, Above The Floating Valley by Michelle Loa Kum Cheung and Alchemy by Dairo Vargas for her Curator’s Wishlist picks. Meera Shah, the director of of Galleria Meera has picked Redirecting by Irene Hoff, Nomad #18 by Zin Lim, Inner Space 2 by Magdalene Morey, Freedom from myself, from mine, from the idea of I by Jessica Matier and Reflection by Angela Smith as her top five. Mollie E Barnes, who founded Instagram platform She Curates in March last year, has chosen Spanish Lullaby No. 092020 by Odilia Fu, Rescue (Marc Bauer's Cat) by Brenda Ullrich, Circle Experiment 1 by Mizue Yoshimura, O Emetse Mohala by Lebohang Kganye and Grandma Ji by Lindi Shi as her top picks for the Curator’s Wishlist. Gary Mansfield is an artist, curator, board member at Koestler Arts and host of the Ministry of Arts podcast. For his Curator’s Wishlist selection, Gary picked Shades of Grey, Light Blue by Bruce McLean, Banksi by Patrick Hughes, As You Probably Noticed by Niki Hare, I Wake Up Screaming IV by Nina Fowler and Return by Rosalind Davis. OnOffice Magazine’s Editor, Jessica-Christin Hametner chose Invisible Social Ladder II - A Reality of an Asian Guy in Europe by Masaaki Hasegawa, You Are The Light by Miguel Vallinas Prieto, Lost Encounters VI by Nick Malone, Agata Kiss by Marko Humphrey-Lahti and The Circle D88 No 06 by Slavomir Zombek as her picks for The Curator’s Wishlist. Artfully Podcast duo Elizabeth Power and Jessie Hillcox chose Farther by Amy Dury, Nature morte aux fleurs séchées by Maria Magenta, Untitled by Adrian Novac, Long Story by Leila Fanner and pink coastal sky by Raffael Bader for their five picks. Art historian, curator and host of the All About Art podcast Alexandra Steinacker selected Soft tease #1 by Héloise Delègue, Self Portrait Upside Down by Anna Sofie Jespersen, Vakuum by Olivera Parlic, Wooden Cab by Pedro Correa and Ruler by Jenny Boot for her Curator’s Wishlist. Tabish Khan, aka the London Art Critic, chose The Burning of the Amazon by Claire Cansick, Chiesa Turchese by Gina Soden, ID #11-1 by Zin Lim, Commuter (Man in Black Coat) by Georgia Peskett and Where are you really from? by Habib Hajallie as his top five on Rise Art.


Curated by Rise Art

New from America

We’ve added a selection of new and exciting American artists to our platform. From Joshua Elias and his delicately vibrant abstract works, to Susana Aldanondo’s jazz-inspired rhythmic paintings. Our new artists join the likes of Piper Olivas, Reed Hearne and many more American artists on Rise Art. Check out the latest work from these artists in our New from America collection.

Curated by Verity Babbs