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Find Pop Art prints chosen by our curatorial experts. Pop Art prints for sale to suit all styles. Pop Art is an art movement that took off during the 1950s across the US and the UK. The Pop Art movement took inspiration from popular culture such as comic books, movies, mass advertising or other general cultural phenomena to create art. As a genre, Pop Art was controversial because it challenged contemporary artistic conventions considered particularly elitist at the time.…

Before Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism, a movement which also rejected traditional ‘high art’, art was largely restricted to exploring ideas of morality, mythology and art history. Pop Artists chose to raise popular culture to the same height as fine art, and thanks to using such commonplace imagery and popular commercial figures, Pop Art became well-recognised among the general public.

Abstract artists which paved the way for the rise of Pop Art include Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters. These artists all created pieces originally viewed as ‘anti-art’ for not abiding by prevailing standards or rules of art. The original Pop Artists, though, were Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein and Claes Oldenberg; the latter famously ridiculed traditional art for “sitting on its ass in a museum”. Among others, they played with a variety of mediums to create ‘soft-sculpture’ or ‘soft-prints’, often with expressive wit and comedy, to comment on the state of US and UK culture.

Modern Pop Art prints are still a popular form of art. At Rise Art, we have a huge choice of Pop Art prints to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking for Pop Art prints to brighten up your home, or Pop Art pieces to add to a budding art collection, our curatorial experts at Rise Art would love to help you with your purchase. We have collected limited edition Pop Art prints, Pop Art paintings on canvas, Pop Art wall art and more to suit your fancy.

If you are after vintage Pop Art posters, Kareem Rizk is an internationally renowned mixed-media artist who creates expressive, multi-layered artwork. At Rise Art, we have a variety of Pop Art poster prints, such as Imperial, which are both sophisticated and fun. Imperial is a collage of old book cutouts, vintage postcards and brochures, stylishly rearranged but which still retain a unique sense of warmth and familiarity.

In contrast, Superhero II by Delphine Lebourgeois, a digital Pop Art print, is less warm and more brash. Lebourgeois draws on quite surrealistic themes with her admirably imaginative compositions. The surrealistic, dreamlike quality and striking use of colour make Superhero II an ideal statement piece for any home or Pop Art collection.

We have work by minimalist artist Sarah Allderman too. If you are seeking a Pop Art girl poster, Allderman’s limited edition watercolour and acrylic print, Cozzie Girl, is a refreshing, calming illustration of a woman deep in thought. The soft pastel hues and minimalist composition are both calming and meditative.

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