David Wightman

David Wightman’s work is held in The Royal College of Art’s collection.
Since 2003, David has taught and talked at Universities across the UK.
David was a finalist in the Lexmark European Art Prize.

Painter and printmaker David Wightman creates vibrant abstract impressions of rocky terrains and mountainous landscapes. Formed of harmonious compositions and dark, atmospheric skies, David imagines far flung places and instills a sense of fantasy into them. His style is characterised by rich colours, sharp shapes and a geometric abstract aesthetic. The texture of each piece is achieved by the overlapping of collaged wallpaper alongside the gradual shifts in colour. Enhanced, exaggerated and often abstracted, colour is a key component to David’s art.

David Wightman’s Education and Exhibitions

David was born in Stockport, Greater Manchester in 1980, and now resides in London. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Middlesex University, David went on to complete an MA in Painting from The Royal College of Art in 2003. Since graduating, David has shown his work in countless group and solo shows, with a selection of his most recent exhibitions held in galleries across Montreal, New York, Singapore and London.


David’s approach is unique in that he responds to landscapes in an abstract manner, whilst adhering to a Pop Art style. His visual language is both expressive and refined, and over the years has led to collaborations with publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times and The World of Interiors. The graphic appearance of David’s art caught the eye of fashion label Akris and in 2014 David collaborated with them for their Fall / Winter 2014/15 collection.

Selected Works

Frances by David Wightman


Prints - 59x80 cm
Frances ii by David Wightman

Frances ii

Prints - 59x80 cm
Ariel ii by David Wightman

Ariel ii

Prints - 59x102 cm
Ariel by David Wightman


Prints - 59x102 cm
Atalanta ii by David Wightman

Atalanta ii

Prints - 59x87 cm
Atalanta by David Wightman


Prints - 59x87 cm
Ariadne ii by David Wightman

Ariadne ii

Prints - 59x72 cm
Ariadne by David Wightman


Prints - 59x72 cm
Arcadia v by David Wightman

Arcadia v

Prints - 44x102 cm
Arcadia by David Wightman


Prints - 44x102 cm

Beatrix ii

Prints - 44x62 cm


Prints - 44x62 cm

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