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        Pop Art Collages For Sale

        Explore our selection of pop art collages for sale. Pop art collages combine symbols of popular culture, which can be taken from different types of print media such as magazines, photo’s, and newspapers to create something new. Buy pop art collages here today, or explore the style further when you browse our Pop Art Photography, Pop Art Prints and Pop Art Painting.

        Practicing in the surrealist tradition is artist Alexandra Gallagher who’s collage In the Light of my Eye uses mountains, water and elements from nature to create a wild, dreamlike scene. Like many artists from this tradition, her work celebrates the real and the bizarre. Alexandra has been exhibiting her work since 2010 and has been winning awards ever since. In the spirit of collage, her work is in conversation with the issues of feminism, identity and sexuality.

        Another contemporary collage artist whose work we cannot get enough of is Micosch Holland. His collages are made in the spirit of the Dadaist tradition, combining mixed media, vintage materials and digital technology. His work is poetic and honest and it deals with the struggles of everyday life. Micosch was born in the UK, he studied visual communication in the Netherlands and today he lives and work in Germany.

        History of Pop Art Collages

        The term “collage” was coined by artists Braque and Picasso, which means “to glue”. Both artists were creating cubist and avant-garde paintings at the time, which, were in the spirit of collage, assemblages of different components. Later, Dadaists took up the practice and expanded on the cubists use of iconography and materials. They also started including seemingly useless objects into their collages like train tickets and food wrappers.

        The first famous pop art collage was created by Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi called I was a Rich Man’s Plaything. It was made of magazines from which he took symbols that demonstrated his interest in American consumer culture and how pop art could respond to contemporary culture.

        Today, pop art collages can also be created digitally, making the internet an endless source of materials. Pop art collages can also involve using any objects that can be glued to a canvas or sculpture, and is especially loved by artists experimenting with mixed media and found objects.

        Many pop art collage artists are attracted to this type of art because it is in conversation with contemporary culture and can be used to criticise and satirise events at the same pace as they are happening. Some might even say that with the fragmented nature of our experience of the world today, pop art collage is the perfect form and technique through which artists can explore it.

        Find out more in our Guide to Pop Art.

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          Upside Down World

          Collage - 30x21 cmRent for $ 40/mo

          Battle Has Begun

          Collage - 73x73 cm

          White Sofa

          Collage - 36x28 cmRent for $ 62/mo

          Inner power

          Collage - 130x130 cmRent for $ 310/mo

          New York State Of Mind

          Collage - 61x52 cm

          Steering Wheel

          Collage - 15x15 cmRent for $ 29/mo

          Return of the Hero

          Collage - 73x73 cm


          Collage - 100x100 cm

          the edge

          Collage - 43x35 cm


          Collage - 92x76 cm


          Collage - 150x91 cm

          Quick Dip Splasher Pool

          Collage - 76x76 cmRent for $ 170/mo


          Collage - 41x30 cmRent for $ 67/mo