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Between urban art and pop art, the figurative combined with abstraction, Claude de Luca creates works which he mixes with handwritten or typographic texts to tell a story by composing an imaginary world. Humanist sources of inspiration After training in plastic arts, Claude de Luca worked as an advertising, communication and press agency. The artist has always been sensitive to strength, brightness and complementarity of colors, shapes, matter. The artist experiences painting, drawing, photomontage, digital manipulations and collages. Its sources of inspiration are multiple: its roots, cultural diversity, exchange, immigration, exodus, crowds, exile, human. Artists such as Gustav Klimt, Sonia Delaunay, Paul Klee, Nicolas de Staël and Niki de Saint Phalle have been permeating for a long time. Composite works Claude de Luca works the painting in his thickness, in his material. It pays particular attention to the supports and the materials used. Its collages in particular, are applied like a stencil and the support is worked in a multitude of layers. Engravings, newspapers and old documents are diverted and reworked. Claude De Luca uses handwriting and typographic texts as graphic elements. They are for him a means of complementary expression loaded with meaning. Among the texts he uses, some come from original documents dating from the 17th century. In the form of acrylic paint, collage, reinforced in pencil or brush, each work leaves free rein to the imagination and challenges on the current world, its hopes, its essential values.

Selected Works


Collage - 100x100 cm

Migrations 02

Collage - 50x50 cm


Paintings - 34x34 cm

Femme au foulard rouge

Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 80x80 cm

Exode 06

Prints - 60x80 cm


Prints - 60x60 cm


Prints - 80x80 cm


Prints - 80x80 cm

Visage à La Pendule

Prints - 80x80 cm

La dame à l’horloge

Prints - 80x60 cm

Village 003

Prints - 80x80 cm

Pigeons volent

Prints - 45x60 cm


Prints - 60x120 cm

Femme de dos

Prints - 80x80 cm


Prints - 80x60 cm

Femme de profil

Prints - 80x60 cm

La dame qui rit

Prints - 80x60 cm

Femme au foulard 03

Prints - 80x60 cm


Prints - 60x90 cm

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