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Discover Dada collage for sale online today. Showcasing some of the most exciting contemporary artists working in the dada collage style today, with our collection ever expanding to incorporate new mediums and subject matters. Explore our popular portrait or landscape Dada collages.

Alexandra Gallagher celebrates the surreal and bizarre in her dream like images, made up of cut up and collaged material which often focus on figurative or landscape subjects.

Dada was an artistic and literary movement established during WW1 in Zurich by Hugo Ball. The word Dada means nothing, and the movement intended to make a mockery of traditional art values and bourgeoisie culture and highlight the nonsensical nature of war.

Collage was a crucial element to the movement as a revolutionary medium. The use of found objects and cut outs from magazine or newspapers had a dual function. They subverted traditional high art values and acted as a tool for social critique, both attacking bourgeoisie culture.

Collages, photomontages or assemblages rearrange words and images from popular culture into new meanings or sometimes with no meaning at all. The invention of the ‘chance of collage’ technique highlighted the nonsensical nature of war and subverted the controlled and skilful techniques practiced in traditional art.

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    Natural Distancing by Benjamin West

    Natural Distancing

    Collage - 35x25 cm
    Genie Flux by Matthew Dibble

    Genie Flux

    Collage - 25x20 cm
    Waiting by Emily Rowley


    Collage - 30x21 cmRent for $62 /mo
    carcass # 13 by Pascal Marlin

    carcass # 13

    Collage - 70x50 cm
    The Politics Of Romance by Emily Rowley

    The Politics Of Romance

    Collage - 59x42 cmRent for $95 /mo
    Plant Machina 7 by Benjamin West

    Plant Machina 7

    Collage - 21x15 cm
    Plant Machina 2 by Benjamin West

    Plant Machina 2

    Collage - 21x15 cm
    rose fragment by Pascal Marlin

    rose fragment

    Collage - 25x18 cm
    Plant Machina 8 by Benjamin West

    Plant Machina 8

    Collage - 21x15 cm


    Collage - 51x41 cm

    funny bird

    Collage - 21x15 cm


    Collage - 30x21 cmRent for $62 /mo


    Collage - 30x26 cm

    verre et bouteille

    Collage - 35x27 cm


    Collage - 56x46 cmRent for $65 /mo


    Collage - 56x46 cmRent for $66 /mo


    Collage - 59x42 cmRent for $80 /mo


    Collage - 30x21 cm

    Century Gigilo

    Collage - 25x20 cm

    Unknown Forest

    Collage - 40x30 cm

    Road Safety

    Collage - 32x24 cm


    Collage - 54x44 cm


    Collage - 55x43 cm

    Robert Vaughn

    Collage - 21x20 cmRent for $56 /mo

    duo noir et blanc # 3

    Collage - 39x51 cm

    carcass # 2

    Collage - 70x50 cm

    Distant Pick

    Collage - 25x20 cm

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