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Benjamin West

Benjamin West creates art with a strong environmental message.
Benjamin has exhibited in solo and group shows across the country.
Benjamin cites the Dada and Arts & Crafts movements as a key source of inspiration.

Born in 1974 in the UK, Benjamin West is a British artist who is working at the cutting edge of Collage and Photography. His work takes on Nature as a central theme, drawing upon a range of intriguing sources from old scientific textbooks to botanical drawings to explore questions about our relationship with nature and the environment that surrounds us. In a sense, his work has a Political undertone to it, given that it encourages the viewer to reconsider how they interact with the natural environment and the effects that human activity are having on the planet.

Benjamin West’s Career

Benjamin was born in Alton and moved to London to study his BA in Graphic & Media Design at the London College of Communication. This Graphic influence is clear to see in his work, in which contrasting images of nature and machinery are worked together with a mathematical precision. Since his studies he has exhibited his Photo Collage across the country and worked on numerous projects that deal with environmental issues such as pollution and the changing face of Britain.


You’ll find Benjamin’s work in both solo and group exhibitions across the country. In a solo exhibition at the Willesden Gallery he explored the interplay between Urban themes and Landscapes, and he also figured in a group show at the Masham Gallery in North Yorkshire.

To find out more about this artist’s practice, method, and influences, read our interview with Benjamin West.

Selected Works

Plant Machina 1

Collage - 21x15 cm

Plant Machina 2

Collage - 21x15 cm

Plant Machina 4

Collage - 21x15 cm

Plant Machina 7

Collage - 21x15 cm

Plant Machina 8

Collage - 21x15 cm

Unknown Forest

Collage - 40x30 cm

Road Safety

Collage - 32x24 cm

Corporate Landscape

Collage - 46x36 cm

RHS Diary Page 4

Prints - 36x28 cm


Collage - 30x26 cm

Natural Distancing

Collage - 35x25 cm

Modified Nature

Collage - 25x35 cm

Processed IV

Prints - 36x28 cm

East Lands

Collage - 42x30 cm


Collage - 51x41 cm

Processed I

Prints - 36x28 cm

RHS Diary Page 5

Prints - 36x28 cm

RHS Diary Page 3

Prints - 36x28 cm

Construction Ltd

Collage - 42x30 cm

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