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Explore realistic collages for sale online today. Our collection showcases work from some of the most exciting artists around the globe. Whether you’re after a botanical piece or an equestrian collage, each piece has been handpicked by our team of curatorial experts. Browse our online gallery and explore our range of animal and botanical realistic collages.…

Robert Pereira Hind’s mixed media series ‘Out of Eden’ sets delicate and whimsical prints against a hazy and somewhat ambiguous backdrop. Each piece takes on a golden hue, making for atmospheric scenes instilled with a sense of nostalgia. From Prunus Serrulata In Excesis to Camellia Japonica, Hind isolates elements of the landscape, and plays with perspective to create wonderfully whimsical collage pieces.

Collage is the process of creating a piece of art from a range of materials. The term ‘collage’ was coined in the early 20th Century by Cubist artists Picasso and Braque from the word ‘coller,’ translating to mean ‘to glue’ in French. Whether using found objects, photographs, patterned paper, or painted forms, with its invention, collage unearthed a new approach to creating original art that responded to the modern world.

From Cubism, to Abstract Expressionism, to Pop Art, the tradition of collage has endured, and is still used today in contemporary artistic practice. Although stemming from an abstract style, the experimental and spontaneous effects of collage can also be used to create realistic pieces of art, often using methods such as photomontage and digital collage.

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