Habib Hajallie


Although born in Southeast London, Habib Hajallie’s Sierra Leonean heritage feeds directly into his practice. Through the exploration of identity; Hajallie aims to convey a sense of empowerment to often marginalised ethnic groups.

Using antique texts and maps as canvases has been a constant within Hajallie’s practice. Bringing new value to often disregarded items creates a cohesion between the concepts behind the work and the aesthetic output. As he empowers various figures, he simultaneously does so with the ground used, placing them within new contexts. Using himself or family members as the subjects of the portraits creates a sense of immediacy apropos to navigating the intersection of the artist’s western upbringing and his African culture.

Drawing with pen enables Hajallie to call upon traditional draughtsmanship techniques, influenced by sketches from the high renaissance. Hajallie looks to celebrate authentic drawing within the digital age.

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