Habib Hajallie

Habib Hajallie draws detailed portraits in biro pen which empower marginalised ethnic groups.
Habib often uses antique texts and maps as a canvas, retaliating against the corrupt power of the media and unjust censorship.
Habib’s style is directly inspired by his Sierra Leonean heritage and upbringing in the West.

London-based photorealist artist Habib Hajallie is known for his fiercely detailed portrait drawings which aim to lift up those historically undermined by society and the mainstream media. Habib’s style of portraiture is directly inspired by his Sierra Leonean heritage. Often using himself or family members as subjects, Habib skillfully navigates the intersection of his upbringing in the West and his African culture and heritage.

Habib Hajallie’s Style and Motivations

Habib plays with contradiction, juxtaposition and paradox to open up a dialogue around persisting socio-political issues. Using antique texts and maps as his canvases, Habib challenges the perception of various demographics as being of lesser humanistic value. Giving the disenfranchised the full-page spread they deserve, Habib’s graphic imagery empowers all-too-often marginalised ethnic groups in society and retaliates against unlawful censorship. Inspired by Renaissance era sketches, Habib works with biro pen and draws upon traditional draughtsman techniques. The result is classic and expressive imagery.

Awards and Exhibitions

Habib has exhibited extensively in the UK and across the Atlantic in the US. The artist has taken home prestigious awards including the Under 30s Prize at The Drawing Society, United Kingdom (2019) and the Best in Show Award at Embracing Our Differences, Florida, USA.

Selected Works

The Collector and The Artist by Habib Hajallie

The Collector and The Artist

Drawings - 59x84 cm
Folktales of Prudence by Habib Hajallie

Folktales of Prudence

Drawings - 89x84 cm
Farma Tami by Habib Hajallie

Farma Tami

Drawings - 30x21 cm
Sir Samuel Lewis by Habib Hajallie

Sir Samuel Lewis

Drawings - 15x11 cm
The Regime Series Maquette by Habib Hajallie

The Regime Series Maquette

Drawings - 11x15 cm
Alpha III by Habib Hajallie

Alpha III

Drawings - 59x42 cm
Sir Frank Bowling by Habib Hajallie

Sir Frank Bowling

Drawings - 29x23 cm
JME by Habib Hajallie


Prints - 30x21 cm
Mammy Yoko by Habib Hajallie

Mammy Yoko

Drawings - 42x30 cm
Flowers For Bee by Habib Hajallie

Flowers For Bee

Drawings - 21x15 cm

Leonora Carrington

Drawings - 59x42 cm

Mammy Yoko

Drawings - 42x30 cm

Big Mo

Drawings - 21x15 cm

Mama Emne

Drawings - 21x15 cm

John Archer

Drawings - 42x30 cm

Dadabhai Naoroji

Drawings - 49x54 cm

The Salone Dichotomy (diptych)

Drawings - 119x84 cm

Dadabhai Naoroji

Prints - 42x59 cm

Leonora Carrington

Prints - 59x42 cm

Dame Jocelyn Barrow

Prints - 59x42 cm

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