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        Map Art For Sale

        Discover a range of map art for sale. Map art explores themes of place and memory, using cultural, social and historical references. Begin your search of our map art collection with paintings, drawings and sculptures.

        About the artists

        A good place to start your map art search is with Eva Humphrey-Lahti. Her Bird’s Eye View is a one-of-a-kind cubist-style blend of monochromatic, block shapes and textures.

        If you’re looking to buy more minimalist artwork, for those on a higher budget there are map prints for sale by Jaykoe. Jaykoe’s signature, refined style is captured in his Earth (Sample I) series, where Jaykoe traces maps of various locations across the globe with a laser. Jaykoe plays with colour and space, using engraved Green Valchromat for a standout piece - perfect standalone or as a series.

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          All Art
          showing 147 pieces

          Islanders study 7

          Paintings - 32x24 cmRent for $ 43/mo

          City of Glass 28 (The Space Between)

          Paintings - 60x50 cmRent for $ 135/mo

          City of Glass 29 (Babylon)

          Paintings - 100x75 cmRent for $ 190/mo

          Silk Escape Map

          Paintings - 130x85 cm

          A London Bestiary

          Prints - 76x110 cmRent for $ 100/mo

          Earth: UK & Ireland (Sample III)

          Paintings - 70x50 cmRent for $ 125/mo

          Map Dots 3D Paper & Wood Collage

          Collage - 50x50 cmRent for $ 66/mo

          Made in London

          Prints - 86x114 cmRent for $ 115/mo

          City of Glass 25 (streets)

          Paintings - 70x50 cmRent for $ 155/mo

          100 World Map Dots Original

          Collage - 50x50 cmRent for $ 66/mo

          Lost Magic Kingdoms

          Prints - 62x60 cmRent for $ 67/mo

          Islanders study 4

          Paintings - 32x24 cmRent for $ 43/mo

          The Canterbury Tales

          Prints - 62x60 cmRent for $ 67/mo

          City of Glass 21 (Nowhere)

          Paintings - 140x100 cmRent for $ 380/mo

          Hemisphere #15

          Collage - 30x30 cm

          Somalia 4

          Paintings - 121x91 cm

          Hemisphere #12

          Collage - 28x28 cm

          City of Glass 60 (Island of Bricks)

          Paintings - 180x70 cmRent for $ 370/mo

          Indischer Ozean 6

          Paintings - 121x152 cmRent for $ 640/mo

          World Series - Southern Ocean 4

          Paintings - 80x100 cmRent for $ 460/mo

          Hemisphere #13

          Collage - 28x28 cm

          Hemisphere #7

          Collage - 30x30 cm

          Athinai (Athens)

          Collage - 26x21 cm


          Prints - 49x41 cm

          New York Tawk

          Prints - 107x76 cm

          1973 (Bruxelles)

          Collage - 26x21 cm

          Berkeley Square

          Prints - 77x112 cm