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        Kristjana S Williams is one of our top five viewed artists.
        World-famous galleries such as the V&A in London have displayed Kristjana’s work.
        Kristjana has designed window displays for Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason.

        Hailing from Iceland and now living and working in London, Kristjana S Williams is an artist whose work celebrates fantasy and imagination. Her Illustrative Prints are bursting at the seams with bright colours, with beautiful flora and fauna contrasted against the backdrop of more familiar scenes of cityscapes. Not only does she create prints, but Kristjana also produces highly detailed Animal Collages. These artworks quite literally jump out at you, as she works with many different layers and textures to create 3D collages that are easy to lose yourself in.

        Kristjana S Williams’ Career

        Kristjana was born in Iceland and moved to London to begin her artistic career, studying graphic design and illustration at the world-renowned Central St Martins. She went on to become creative director of a clothing brand, Beyond the Valley, while continuing to work on artistic projects such as Prints and illustrations for books. These days she focuses on Cityscape Art overlaid with incongruous tropical animals and plants.

        Where You’ll Find Her Work

        Kristjana S Williams has appeared in festivals and pop ups around the world, as well as featuring in prestigious galleries such as the V&A in London. She is also known for creating window displays for top department stores Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason. Designed for the Christmas season, these sparkling displays were made with copious sequins, glitter and mirror balls.

        Learn more about the artist in our interview with Kristjana S Williams.

        Courtesy of Sarah Tahon

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