Abstract Sculptures

Find an abstract sculpture to buy for all budgets. Discover abstract sculptures for sale chosen by leading experts in sculpture at Rise Art. Abstract sculpture became popular during the 20th century as part of the Abstract Art Movement. The Abstract Art Movement set out to redefine what it meant to create art by subverting conventional art standards. Abstract sculptures place a greater emphasis on the relationship between form and colour than on expressing any real meaning. The aim of abstract sculpture is therefore not to represent real-life or emote any particular feeling through art, but rather to draw attention to the artwork itself.…

Famous abstract sculptors such as Joan Miro, Sir Anthony Caro and Donald Judd are among the many pioneering abstract creators who revolutionised sculpture during the 1900s. Typical characteristics of abstract sculpture include the use of ‘found’ or ‘prefabricated’ industrial objects, often materials salvaged from abandoned buildings in Mark di Suvero or Sir Anthony Caro’s case. Scraps or cutouts are assembled into monumental pieces with no specific defining subject, testament to emphasising an abstract sculptures form rather than its purpose or meaning.

Abstract sculpture is experimental by nature, meaning there’s an incredible variety of abstract sculptures on the market. Our curatorial experts at Rise Art have hand-selected abstract sculptures from artists across the globe. We have a wide range of unique sculptures to suit any and every environment and style. Whether you’re looking for a symbolic sculpture to add to your collection or simply curious to know more about the abstract art movement, our experts in sculpture at Rise Art would be delighted to help you with your purchase.

Alexander Grigorev’s work is strongly influenced by his time spent among the Kizergstan mountains as a child. There’s an unusual, earthy touch found in all of his pieces, especially in the rippled textures reminiscent of mountain ranges. This is contrasted with the hard metals often used to put the sculptures together, making Grigorev’s work notably abstract and unique.

Nicola Beattie is also known for exploring earth matter, moulding and carving natural materials such as wood, stone or alabaster to create large indoor pieces. Her abstract sculptures delve into especially spiritual themes, exploring ideas of God, baptisms and the transformative power of water.

In contrast, Gareth Griffiths works with vibrant colours inspired by an art movement called ‘Googie’ from the West Coast of the US. His pieces have a real zest and zeal to them which can add a playful feel to any room. Strand, for example, is an inventive composition of abstract yellow and gold boomerang cut-outs.

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