Yvan Mercier, known as Meyv, is an ironworker of sculptor. Passionate about volumes and the work of metals, he married the sculpture and forge in his achievements. Self -taught forge From childhood Yvan discovered the work of his hands, at the age of 6 he already had a workbench and his own tools, working on the subjects offered to him. After studying decorator on glass, he abandons this material which he finds too cold and fragile to turn to metal. He then learned the forge in self -taught constantly experimenting with techniques and becomes an ironworker of art by specializing in a very sharp style, the French art deco style of 1920. The sculptural side of this forge passionate him and for more than 15 years he will create a collection of interior furniture, will become a restaurateur with collectors and for historical heritage and consultant as an expert for different large sales rooms in France . Towards sculptural creation Because life is not a big straight line and is not seen in a single chapter, he will make the decision to make a big turn in his career for the passion that has always animated him during all these years to work His hands: volume, sculpture. Yvan then studies self -taught sculpture. Anatomy, composition of a face, body details, movement. His style will quickly focus on a figurative sculpture inspired by sculptors of ancient Greece, because nothing is more beautiful than nature. A happy accident With his ironworker know-how of art, he will experiment in parallel with melting techniques until the day when, accidentally, he discovers a way of pouring the very particular bronze giving an aspect of erosion and millennial sculpture. And since hunting is more important than the treasure, experimentation is a very important value in its work and always pushes it to discover new techniques, allowing Yvan to marry bronze, silver, gold, and the precious stones in his sculptures. To read: the portrait seen by Meyv

Selected Works

Fragment danseuse bronze by Meyv

Fragment danseuse bronze

Sculpture - 25x12 cm
Fragment danseuse by Meyv

Fragment danseuse

Sculpture - 45x16 cm
Larme by Meyv


Sculpture - 15x20 cm
Pégase by Meyv


Sculpture - 65x35 cm
République by Meyv


Sculpture - 51x18 cm
Manon fragment bronze by Meyv

Manon fragment bronze

Sculpture - 23x11 cm
Manon by Meyv


Sculpture - 46x17 cm
Fragment femme africaine by Meyv

Fragment femme africaine

Sculpture - 72x25 cm
Fragment de visage by Meyv

Fragment de visage

Sculpture - 28x9 cm
Bijou khmer by Meyv

Bijou khmer

Sculpture - 10x23 cm

Princesse Himba

Sculpture - 80x22 cm

Fragment Vénus or

Sculpture - 29x9 cm

Fragment visage de david or

Sculpture - 18x7 cm

Buste de David

Sculpture - 38x17 cm

Fragment du visage de David

Sculpture - 23x8 cm

Visage de Manon

Sculpture - 34x10 cm


Sculpture - 25x10 cm


Sculpture - 40x15 cm


Sculpture - 71x17 cm

Regard namibienne

Sculpture - 38x10 cm

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