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Start your search with Czech-based Jakub Novak who uses paper to create geometric artworks. The artist demonstrates paper’s versatility by using flat sheets alongside paper that has been folded to create ridges and patterns. In Draw 5P16, red ink connects the smooth and raised paper, creating a continuity while forcing the viewer to appreciate the subtle changes in texture and shadow. In Sketch S88 continuity arises from the colour of the paper. The piece is a single-tone sea of black, forcing the viewer to focus on the patterns that are created by the paper’s folds and the shadows that separate them. The artwork evokes the sea in the dead of night, with its waves rising and falling.

Whereas Novak’s style is minimal and sparing, Rogan Brown uses paper to create layered, intricate paper sculptures that are close-up studies of nature. His sculpture Kernel zooms in on the architecture of a seed, whilst Cut Pod is another close-up cross section. The results are elaborate and detailed. Paper enables Brown to build up layers, merging his love of science with his talent for art. The artist chooses paper as the basis for his artworks because he wants to reinvent the ordinary object. He says: “The transformation of a banal, quotidian material into something visually extraordinary parallels and echoes the radical changes in our vision of the familiar world that science engenders.”

Famous British sculptor Anthony Caro experimented with the possibilities of paper in the early 1990s. His two paper sculptures No.15 Point and No.11 Dusty enabled him to explore the boundary between artforms; he believed paper sculptures existed in a space in the middle of paintings, drawing and sculpture.

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