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Browse paper sculptures for sale online today. Explore our collection of contemporary sculptures available produced by our curated selection of international artists. Shop paper sculpture today to find the perfect piece to complete your home or office.

Start your search with Czech-based Jakub Novak who uses paper to create geometric artworks. The artist demonstrates paper’s versatility by using flat sheets alongside paper that has been folded to create ridges and patterns. In Draw 5P16, red ink connects the smooth and raised paper, creating a continuity while forcing the viewer to appreciate the subtle changes in texture and shadow. In Sketch S88 continuity arises from the colour of the paper. The piece is a single-tone sea of black, forcing the viewer to focus on the patterns that are created by the paper’s folds and the shadows that separate them. The artwork evokes the sea in the dead of night, with its waves rising and falling.

Whereas Novak’s style is minimal and sparing, Lindi Shi uses paper to create layered, abstract paper sculptures that explore the ways in which materials and narrative interact. Lind’s sculptures have a surrealist quality to them, as ambiguous forms entwine and emerge from eachother. Works such as Untitled-J appear figurative, while Untitled-T and Untitled-K have a horizontal pull that makes them resemble small scale objects.

Famous British sculptor Anthony Caro experimented with the possibilities of paper in the early 1990s. His two paper sculptures No.15 Point and No.11 Dusty enabled him to explore the boundary between artforms; he believed paper sculptures existed in a space in the middle of paintings, drawing and sculpture.

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    THE PLAN assemblage by Lisa Traxler

    THE PLAN assemblage

    Sculpture - 28x58 cmRent for $155 /mo
    Untitled-T by Lindi Shi


    Sculpture - 28x9 cm
    Untitled-J by Lindi Shi


    Sculpture - 51x18 cm
    Terra Incognita by Antonin Anzil

    Terra Incognita

    Sculpture - 60x60 cm
    LAKUMA-096 by Markus Krug


    Sculpture - 18x13 cm
    Sketch S88H by Jakub Novak

    Sketch S88H

    Sculpture - 65x65 cm
    Untitled-K by Lindi Shi


    Sculpture - 5x33 cm
    LAKUMA-084 by Markus Krug


    Sculpture - 18x13 cm
    Draw 4EC8 by Jakub Novak

    Draw 4EC8

    Sculpture - 50x50 cm
    Orange house by Gokcen Ataman Tanyer

    Orange house

    Sculpture - 27x20 cm


    Sculpture - 30x11 cm


    Sculpture - 18x13 cm


    Sculpture - 18x13 cm


    Sculpture - 60x170 cm

    Black house

    Sculpture - 31x20 cm


    Sculpture - 20x18 cm

    What It Means To Walk On Air

    Sculpture - 57x57 cmRent for $190 /mo


    Sculpture - 65x65 cm


    Sculpture - 47x15 cm

    Draw 5V8

    Sculpture - 50x50 cm

    Triple houses

    Sculpture - 25x55 cm

    Sketch S88

    Sculpture - 65x65 cm


    Sculpture - 33x48 cm

    ll teatro dei Leviatano

    Sculpture - 75x60 cmRent for $620 /mo


    Sculpture - 23x11 cm

    Draw 5P16

    Sculpture - 65x65 cm

    Vague gravitationnelle 3

    Sculpture - 115x35 cm

    Vibrations of the Sea

    Sculpture - 18x18 cm

    Underwater Paradise

    Sculpture - 18x18 cm

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