Following many years of artistic work, Art’mony is today a listed artist of the contemporary scene. His multidisciplinary practice leads him to explore painting, graphics and sculpture. Works imbued with creativity and energy Art’mony, by his real name Patricia Ducept, is a graduate artist of the school of interior architecture, communication and artistic direction Essag Penninghen, French superior establishment located in Paris. Captivated by many techniques (painting, graphics, sculpture), Art’mony mixes the supports and its know-how to give free rein to its creativity and thus give life to vibrant energy works. A universe rich in subtle and popular symbols The works of Art’mony invite us to bring up a real recreation from our memory, staged in a universe rich in subtle details, which sometimes want to be strange. This multitude of symbols describe all the immateriality of our society but also releases intriguing poetry. His artistic practice is a celebration of the pop art movement. His work Strong Popeye in Love, produced in acrylic painting, Collages and Poscas, is notably imbued with the Campbell Soup of Andy Warhol. Art’mony invites you through his works to share his party universe ...

Selected Works

Bansky love love by ART'MONY

Bansky love love

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Suis tes rêves  by ART'MONY

Suis tes rêves

Paintings - 40x40 cm
Love is my reality  by ART'MONY

Love is my reality

Paintings - 40x40 cm
Playmobil XXL Snoopy love by ART'MONY

Playmobil XXL Snoopy love

Sculpture - 65x33 cm
Time is love by ART'MONY

Time is love

Sculpture - 36x36 cm
Cube géant pop art love by ART'MONY

Cube géant pop art love

Sculpture - 27x37 cm
Happy dog by ART'MONY

Happy dog

Sculpture - 80x52 cm
I love you  by ART'MONY

I love you

Paintings - 63x63 cm
Sculpture pop art Happy Life  by ART'MONY

Sculpture pop art Happy Life

Sculpture - 15x40 cm
Panther art love by ART'MONY

Panther art love

Sculpture - 13x47 cm

Playmobil XXL les Beatles love

Sculpture - 65x33 cm

Candy sweet love

Sculpture - 43x35 cm

Danse la vie

Sculpture - 30x27 cm

Âne pop art

Sculpture - 76x51 cm

Pop love Bear

Sculpture - 44x35 cm

Grenouille pop art

Sculpture - 22x8 cm

Sweet love David

Sculpture - 16x14 cm

Gourmandise Arty

Sculpture - 27x13 cm

Jaguar pop art

Sculpture - 21x20 cm

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