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Browse our extensive selection of airbrush paintings for sale online. Shop airbrush paintings today and let us introduce you to our international artists experimenting with airbrushing. Start by exploring Rise Art’s popular Pop Art airbrush paintings, abstract airbrush paintings and street art airbrush paintings.

The airbrush is a free-hand craft technique that uses compressed air to spray paint resulting in flat and even blocks of colour. Airbrushing was popular among artists associated with the Pop Art movement as it created a cartoon or comic-book effect. James Rosenquist, for example, used the medium to replicate images from advertising.

D13EGO uses the airbrush to create Pop Art works such as Cover Your Ears, a heavily stylised comic-book piece that makes an immediate impact. The Italian artist is known for his works commenting on Capitalism, such as Zero Likes, Zero Love using the format of Pop Art to parody Instagram anxiety. While D13EGO revels in the art-form’s flat, commercial appearance, Dangerous Minds lets the airbrushed paint become worn and cracked, exemplified in Love - Red. The result gives this typographic artwork the effect of an old, retro shop sign.

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      Passion colours everything

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      Airbrush Blue

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      alineados alienados

      Paintings - 30x100cm