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      Jitka Anlaufova


      The painter Jitka Anlaufová was born in Czech Republic. She´s been living and working in Prague. Jitka often uses medium such as watercolour paint and ink on paper or acrylic on canvas. With soft colours and stylized forms on multiple layers, her abstract work is inspired by colours and shapes seen in the nature, bringing to mind other magical worlds. She looks for optimal forms of plants and flowers in her paintings. In large-scale paintings, she organizes geometrical forms into a new romantic and dreamy order. She would like to reveal and show beauty and harmony in her painted visions. Jitka studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 1986-1992. Since 1990, she has held solo and group exhibitions in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, England, and the USA. Her work is kept in the National Gallery’s modern and contemporary art collections in Prague and in private collection.

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