Cartoon Paintings

Cartoon paintings for sale from emerging artists around the globe. Cartoon paintings are paintings of what would appear to be animated subjects, often funny animals or people, in a semi to non-realistic style. Cartoon paintings often draw inspiration from popular culture, and in many cases, make ironic or satirical comments about society at large.…

Cartoon paintings have been around for centuries but became particularly popular in the USA during the 1900s. Loveably, familiar cartoon characters were often used in newspaper comic strips to satirise contemporary socio-political tensions. Nowadays though, cartoon paintings have extended from cracking jokes about politicians to many new and ever-expanding artistic realms. While major graphic design artists such as Pete McKee and the elusive street artist Banksy still use their work to represent the many faces of working-class culture in the UK with their large scale murals, other artists use cartoon paintings to explore and reinvent subject matter with bright colours, bold lines and bountiful compositions in a totally unique and inventive way.

Cartoon paintings can be an excellent way to bring any collection or space to life. Cartoon paintings can add a touch of humour to any room and would make a unique, enviable addition to any setting. At Rise Art, we have a broad range of cartoon paintings to suit all budgets and all tastes. Whether you’re looking for funny cartoon paintings for sale or seeking to buy a modern pop art painting by emerging cartoonists, our team at Rise Art would be thrilled to help you with your online purchase.

If you’re not sure where to begin your cartoon art search, one of our many talented cartoon painters is Ellennah Sadkin. Ellennah uses a variety of child-like cartoon characters, such as in her Peter Pan, and reinvents them in a sophisticated yet surrealist manner. Ellennah’s work is particularly eye-catching due to her use of vibrant, block colours and striking, bold lines.

For more cartoon painting ideas, Rise Art has also acquired cartoon artwork by Diana Rosa Latorurt such as Back-Up Plan. Back Up Plan has a singular, boho-chic style. There’s something quite reminiscent of Frida Kahlo’s cubist, primitivist paintings in Diana’s work, which is no doubt inspired by her shared South American influences. Tropical Cuban colours and exotic subject matter pervade her portfolio of unusual, story-telling cartoon pieces.

In contrast to the latter styles, if you’re looking to buy vintage cartoon paintings, there is Fish And Chips by Lorna Hope. The exterior setting in Fish And Chips is subtly similar to Edward Hopper’s realistic watercolour paintings of urban cityscapes, beautifully detailed and yet somewhat dreamlike or illusory. Like Hopper, Lorna Hope chooses to capture everyday objects and moments of the quotidian that usually go unnoticed, giving them a nostalgic new lease of life and meaning.

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