Jack Kettlewell


Sheffield-based painter Jack Kettlewell works on paper and small scale canvases. His practice explores visually diverse subject matter from American iconography to kitchen utensils and palm trees.

Jack Kettlewell's Style and Practice

Jack received an MA in Painting from Staffordshire University in 1998. His recent paper studies examine beauty and intrigue within the ordinary, turning to his local surroundings for inspiration. Thematically, his works wander between relocation and dislocation, rural/urban landscapes, and pop-cultural motifs. Hard edges riff on gestural mark-making, blending figurative with abstract elements.

Exhibitions and Projects

He has exhibited widely, including at the National Portrait Gallery and in the Royal Academy Summer Show, and was a prizewinner in Lynn Painter-Stainers and the Brixton Open. Jack also completed a commissioned residency at Farnborough Hospital.

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