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Mixed Media Paintings For Sale

Discover mixed media paintings for sale online today. Our mixed media paintings available for purchase merge contrasting materials and themes. Take a look at geometric, expressionistic or figurative mixed media paintings to get you started.

Why not start with the work of award-winning abstract artist Daniela Schweinsberg. She mixes mediums to produce explosively colourful, deeply textured pieces which are sure to stand out against any backdrop. Dawn Beckles takes inspiration from the exotic flora native to her home of Barbados. She features a heavy use of bold block colours to produce striking images which are at once simple and emotional. Another artist whose mixed media paintings should not be missed is Bea Garding Schubert whose pieces seem to reveal more and more about themselves the longer you look at them. Find out more in our guide to collage.

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    BOUCLE 01 by Stacey Warnix

    BOUCLE 01

    Paintings - 122x91 cm
    Enjoy Exciting UHF TV by Dale Voelker

    Enjoy Exciting UHF TV

    Paintings - 91x61 cm
    Tattoo History by Matthew Dibble

    Tattoo History

    Paintings - 140x130 cm
    Angel, Devil 4 by Gregory Malphurs

    Angel, Devil 4

    Paintings - 25x25 cm
    The Gathering by Jessica Matier

    The Gathering

    Paintings - 69x79 cm
    DOUBLE DUTCH by db Waterman


    Paintings - 120x80 cm
    Sagesse by Christian Dugardeyn


    Paintings - 106x74 cm
    In the Moment by Mr Cenz

    In the Moment

    Paintings - 100x100 cm


    Paintings - 71x56 cm

    Two Villages

    Paintings - 102x163 cm

    Adult Lust

    Paintings - 157x132 cm

    Angel, Devil 7

    Paintings - 25x25 cm

    one day 1

    Paintings - 100x100 cm

    Dark variation 2

    Paintings - 40x40 cm


    Paintings - 44x44 cm

    ONE DAY 3

    Paintings - 65x50 cm

    Material Thoughts

    Paintings - 120x80 cm

    Competition People

    Paintings - 65x65 cm

    “10062022 offline II.”

    Paintings - 125x115 cm


    Paintings - 125x125 cmRent for $255 /mo

    L'étang de ville

    Paintings - 98x97 cm

    Regional Settings

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