Georges DUMAS


For the past ten years now, Georges Dumas has created "paintographs", a mixture of painting and photography. From photography, it retains the initial, essential, essential basis, of the work to come. He also keeps it, despite all the successive manipulations then carried out on the computer, the precision, the finesse and the plastic quality which distinguish it for sure from the nomician than hyperrealist painting. However, a paintography is not a photograph, it is a plastic construction that makes the look doubt, which raises the question of the nature of the image which is offered in the eyes of the spectators. What part of the work was captured by the objective, what part recreated by software work? Layers, layers, stacks: despite its extreme readability, a paintography is a complex construction, based on a succession of screens. The fabric or the skin never appears to be bare, they are always covered by a material that makes as much screen as it is body with them. This material is itself hidden by squares which seem to be detached from it or to widen in it; By evoking pixels at the base of any digital image, these squares recall that this material is a lure, that it is virtual ...

Selected Works

Voyage Intérieur by Georges DUMAS

Voyage Intérieur

Paintings - 46x33 cm
Miroir, mon beau Miroir by Georges DUMAS

Miroir, mon beau Miroir

Paintings - 120x70 cm
Le Défi by Georges DUMAS

Le Défi

Paintings - 120x80 cm
Le Secret by Georges DUMAS

Le Secret

Paintings - 67x40 cm
Grande Caryatide by Georges DUMAS

Grande Caryatide

Paintings - 120x40 cm
Pudeur by Georges DUMAS


Paintings - 90x55 cm
Milano Dummy 2 by Georges DUMAS

Milano Dummy 2

Paintings - 30x22 cm
Caméléon by Georges DUMAS


Paintings - 78x48 cm
L'Attente by Georges DUMAS


Paintings - 75x60 cm
Caryatide bleue by Georges DUMAS

Caryatide bleue

Paintings - 45x15 cm

Caryatide rouge

Paintings - 45x15 cm


Paintings - 25x25 cm

Hot Lava

Paintings - 39x49 cm

La Vierge Folle II

Paintings - 75x94 cm

The Future

Photography - 40x40 cm

Graffitied II

Paintings - 33x46 cm

Monolithe III

Paintings - 30x40 cm


Paintings - 60x60 cm


Paintings - 34x44 cm

Enlacement II

Paintings - 57x37 cm

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