Digital Artists

Discover Digital artists online. Explore original works from an array of up-and-coming Digital artists such as Krista Kim, Paul Coghlin and Helen Shulkin, specialising in a variety of different styles including Conceptual, Landscape Photography and Abstract art.

Helen Shulkin creates surreal cityscapes reminiscent of the Futurist and Vorticist movements of the 20th century. Limited-edition Night III is an example of how she transforms everyday industrial subjects into dynamic, otherworldly locations. By playing with light and dark through a technique resembling solarisation, sketchy lines and further digital manipulation, Helen turns the mundane and the urban into seemingly ethereal structures.

Charlotte Winston has received critical acclaim for her contemporary geometric style. Inspired by the masters of Abstract and Constructivist movements and her passion for illustration, Charlotte has forged a modern Abstract-Constructivist style all of her own. Specialising in screenprint, Charlotte engineers architectural compositions, often with block primary colours such as in silkscreen print Walter’s Office with Lifted Planes II, which reflect the modern industrial world and explore the reduction of form.

Julie Rafalski has been lauded for the conceptual depth of her work. She is known for her abstract series such as Ghost which expertly play with colour gradients and space.

Likewise, Krista Kim, whose digital colour-field DNA has become a modern icon, has a similar approach to Julie. Prints such as No. 644 v 23 justly granted her the title of a ‘modern Rothko’ from Forbes.

Creative photographer Paul Coghlin is praised for his nature and floral studies. The British Institute of Professional Photography has twice awarded him Professional Photographer of the Year for his distinguished ability and style. Paul’s approach is led by his fascination with symmetry and texture. This is captured with painterly quality and an elegant colour palette, as seen in Pink Dahlia Circle IV.

Internationally renowned Irene Raspollini is admired for her figurative female portraits like No Fog Today. Irene’s highly collectable works involve authentic yet surreal scenes of rosy cheeks and almond eyes, arguably evocative of the early Comic Strip Art of the 1960s, but with a gentle and romantic touch.

Original Black and White photography from Patricia McCarthy is applauded in the contemporary art sphere. Her portraits such as Contemplation, a self-developed shot which has been scanned and then overlaid with two photos using computer systems, are as haunting as they are endearing, resulting in a seductively unusual style of photography.

Disocver digital artworks here or find out more about digitak art in our Guide To Digital Art.()

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    B. 1949

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    B. 1958

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    B. 1989

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