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Ariadna Dane

Ariadna Dane uses ink, collage and cutouts to produce sophisticated pieces that capture organic forms and structures.
Ariadna's work is held in private and corporate collections internationally.
This year, Ariadna's first augmented reality work will be exhibited in Fulham Town Hall, London.

Ariadna Dane is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London. Having grown up in Siberia and travelled extensively, the artist discovered a connection to nature which became a source of inspiration for her evolving art practice.

The creative process behind Dane's work involves experimentation with ink, cutouts and shadow techniques to imitate and amplify nature. The resulting forms and textures are partially chance and partially calculation; the outcome of both ceding the artist's control over the process and being acutely aware of the development of forms and textures. Just like in nature, every resulting element is unique and cannot be repeated.

Dane's work elicits a sense of wonder, transfigured into a moment of a quiet reflection.


In 2022, Dane's work will be exhibited in Galerie Tracanelli (France), as part of a group exhibition showcasing the winners of the Galerie Tracenelli X Studi0 Open Call.

In 2021, Dane's first augmented reality work was exhibited in Art in the Age of Now (London, UK), the group exhibition described as "Unmissable" by Forbes. Same year, Dane was commissioned to create the centrepiece artwork for Westin London City.

In 2020, Dane was commissioned by Saga Shipping to create two large scale diptychs for inclusion in an onboard collection aiming to showcase the best in contemporary British art.

Selected Works

Organic Wreath. Niobe

Paintings - 105x82 cm


Paintings - 76x56 cm

Basal Elements. Of life

Paintings - 76x56 cm

Basal Elements. The cycle

Drawings - 76x56 cm

Organic Wreath #31

Collage - 44x44 cm

Sui Generis #4

Collage - 29x29 cm

Sui Generis #3

Paintings - 29x29 cm

Organic Wreath #9

Collage - 80x60 cm

Organic Wreath #20

Collage - 80x60 cm

Basal Elements. Serene

Paintings - 84x59 cm

Basal Elements. Transience

Drawings - 84x59 cm

Sui Generis #1

Collage - 29x29 cm

Organic Wreath with Insects

Paintings - 94x69 cm

Basal Elements. Silence

Paintings - 76x56 cm


Paintings - 112x76 cm

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